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Greetings, my name is Admiral X1, let's just call me that and this is my collegue Admiral X2. You happened to cross my friend in the last movie the Last Jedi. We are khm, weapon dealers. As long as we are in place, there will be war in the galaxy and there will be Deathstars

- I, X1 am responsible for the development of the ATAT and other lumbering bullshit. You know, in the era of FTL travel, you really kneed a vehicle with a top speed of 10kilomters/second. It is as agile as a star destroyer, can only shoot in 1 direction. We could armor up any spaceship with it's engine, put a bigger gun at it and voila, but they don't need anything else. I tell them. And they believe me.
- The ATST is a better version so to say. It can actually scale terrain like forests...
- True. We... I also make Star Destroyers. They are good, robost warships with close to little weaknesses. We upgrade the design yearly, some cosmetics here and there. We don't really talk about the main issues, the shield generators agressively pronounced on the top
- It has been over 30
- 40 years
- 40 years since we started production and many of them fell victim to an A wing or other suicide bomber. But we let these design flaws in, because if they weren't blown up that easyily, there were less orders for more.
- We also make X, Y, B, A and other wings, various Tie fighters as you don't even know and so on. Cosmetic changes and adding  10 to it's name each year. There is no garantee on Tie fighters...
- And we make corvettes. And motherships
- Yes, motherships with their bridge so vulnerable on the front so they can see it. We really pity Ackbar.
- Not too vulnerable, the Super Stardestroyer's bridge was way too vulnerable. I guess those admirals just love to see through glass.
- My friend, X2 is responsible for the Deathstars
- The building, not the design.
- The second one was not my fault!
- It wasn't. Plapatine was a jackass. Even we told him not to set the new Deathstar to operation, because it is only 60% finished, but he called it operational. Not our fault. If I was a rebel - hahaha - I would exited hyperspace above the shield generator, bombard it with a wave, then exit so that the imperial destroyers would chase me while the 2nd wave finishes the generator. Death star exposed.

- Hy, I am Admiral X3. I was Admiral X3 I was an imperial officer from movies 4-5. I served as an officer on Vader's star destroyer. I saw with my own eyes as Vader personally executed some of my mates. I quit. There is no normal way of quitting if you get what I mean. We can quit if we die. I volunteered on a dangerous mission instead and was shot in the knee by a rebel. Captured, interrogated and gone missing. Currently I am serving under a Hutt. I am planning on executing him as soon as possible to take his place. It seems relatively easy, I don't think any hutt can perform phisical rezistance. I do wonder how these space slugs kept their empire up so long...
----------------- It is a good film. Fun to watch, reasonable. 

A film that kept us in the chairs from first to last minute. With comedy at one place and being deadly serious most of the time.
If you love references from previous episodes, you will have a lot. A Hoth Walker Assault was shown in the trailer... It is not a carbon copy.
There are a lot of plot twists. I was fooled left and right up and down.

-------------------------- The Force gives a lot of foreshadowing. Try to catch all the signs!

Remember Rey's dream from last time? Good. It predicts a lot of things from the past, this episode and what is coming.
Abrams puts tiny morsels of information on what is going to happen in character dialog, actions, everything. If you are a good prognosticator, you can see what is coming.

-------------------- The color theory of Star Wars. They are also signs to understand the characters you see.

Black is evil, death, secrets..
White is good, pure, or blankness (troopers)
Red is blood - just remember this well!
Blood is age, wizdom, and humanity (rebels)
Gold - Snoke is gold. Palpatine was black - the incarnation of the Dark Side - but Snoke is gold.
So what does blue mean - on the island?
And green? There is not much of green in the film. 

Also take note the style they wear (Remember Solo in eps 4? black on outside but white inside?) So what does their clothes tell you?

There are objects, decorations talking about Earthly symbolism you already know - find and translate them, get the message!

--------------------- This episode asks a lot of questions on the way. 

Why is Luke so important? Is Luke right about "It is time for the Jedi to end"? It sounded as a stupid question in the trailer. He.... asks it really badly in the movie, but trust me, it is a heavyer question than it sounds
What is actually this episode about? What is the focus point?
This episode breaks with the Starwars Tradition. My question is: Was all that struggling piece by piece worth it? Ask this question repeatedly from the first minute to the last. You have to digest it!
Back in BF1 I was the jump troop shield guy who lands on objective and actvates/fights for it. Kamikaze tactic and left me few kills and all deaths. It was effective for victory even if I had no support. The latter part is true for BF2. No support, unless there are 5 good players. Teamwork starts with you, you can't Solo. 

So, thank you for my 150hp being worth of 70hp from Battlefront 1 with officer. 
I love that new kill enemys to unlock guns except that my average performance is 3 kill, 6 assist, 9 death in Galactic assault and only evens at Blast
If we could have a space blast to purge each other BESIDES the objective starfighting, I would be happy

It is practically impossible to win a Galactic Assault for the attacking party unless we have to escorrt an ATAT, a corvette or a droid ship. EA did not notice that Turning point only worked because the enemy had to mediate between 2 or 3 places of objective, and those progression levels did not decrease if the attacking force was eliminated. An attacking force can only take out 3 of those in an entire lenght of a game. Unless you are a pro player, then nothing is possible. But trust me, 50% of your team is only there for killing and other 30 is only kinda useful. 

Lightsaber users can kill your hero from 3 swipes for your 10 blasts. And they stunlock you. I cannot fly away with Fett. Not like I want to retreat infinitely, I just want a chance. 

You have walker assault on Hoth and an inverted on Endor, but the attacking force will ignore it. No point in destroying the walker if you can just kill the enemy troops and win. Better score, no chore for protecting the rocket carryer. 500 objective score is not worth it. Except on Naboo, where it is comfortable and plausible to destroy the objective before siege. It is placed that way.

Strike: the good players care about the objective, play and guard it. YOur teammates won't. So you have to take care. 
Heal hero with officer, find an officer to heal your hero. Follow and protect the hero or he/she will die really fast.
Try convincing your team that you should all go to conquer 1 objective at once and don't split the team. 
New PC, a walkthrough of The Last of Us and Commissions

I am sending the PNG at the bottom of the Paypal invoice. Just saying....

---------The Orville s1e9

I have directors veins. I know how a story could unfold, I predicted the ending of this episode in the early start. And I can predict the payoff of the joke that is still building.
Maaaan this episode made my head hurt! I almost cried. A lot of "WTF" and "NO! NOOOO!" today. Captain Pickard, the lord of all diplomacy would fly out crying after all this.

New PC:
VGA card changed - For the porpouse of Starwars Battlefront 2
Win 10 runs on SSD - And it is completely silent. This is new
Monitor changed for the last one could not handle DVI. It is darker

The bard and the sorcerer shortie has 450 more views than I expected. I don't think there would be any similar shortly. Do you have a taste for it?

------------------------ other
So I watched Ghostrobo's 2013 walkthrough of The Last of US.
And it kept me on edges from start till end even though he was playing it and he commented all over. I knew the ending from the start.
In this case, spoiling the end made it more like... well... better
After 2 videos comparing STD and Orville I decided to see what they were hyped up about. I watched the first episode.

This was a tonn of fun. This show makes lots of fun out of the average and mostly it is pretty damn serious and casual about it. Like it is just another day. I do understand and take 90% of the jokes, and that is also great. Sometimes it is getting uncomfortable for the characters, but not on the watcher, there is nothing we can't deal with, even death when it happens.

I have said WTF in silent like 30 times just this 44minutes each well deserved and I am still laughing while writing this.

The other thing with Orville is with the design. When I visit any Starfleet object let it be a ship or a city, I don't want to live there. Orville is elegant and has lost of plants. Skyscrapers have top gardens, gardens on balcony, the ship Orville has lots of normal decorations.... WE... HAVE... STAIRS!!!! Untill DS9 I missed stair so much (I feel it is kinda trolling with Startrek. They earned it).

So.. characters XD No.... no, I am not going to flush them, I can't concentrate right now. 

This episode will accompany me for a few days on. Maybe I can stop laughing. Any time. Soon.

----Story so far:
First 2 episodes were for the hype. Let's start the war with the Klingons. I have seen dead klingons today so I did not forget that there is a war near by, in fact I had several reminders of the war, so I DO CARE, but it is out of the perspective. The last time we left Michael she was travelling with with some other convicts and I was pretty much expecting a Captain Kirk-like escape. And the shuttle had some detour to rendez vous with the starship Discovery. And now we take a dive into the unknown.

----Plot for eps 3:
Sooo the crew of the Discovery is researching some kind of space plankton we see in the first 10 minutes and it is one of the plots of episode 3. I had a few answers for what is happening here, but I don't know for sure. Something is definitely happening, and we are kept guesing. That is a great thing.
Discovery's narrative does not settle 1 plotline in an episode's end. That is a great thing. Also I found that the show is running with 2-3 different sets, it does not sit on it's arse, it baldly goes where it has to go to flush out what is happening. Voyager, DS9 and TNG had story elements like: 1 overarching story for a season, 1 main story  for the episode, 1 side story for a character and 1.... fetch quest for somebody with a light end.

There is ACTING! It feels so great to see acting in Startrek!
We have characters all right! So we have Michael, we have Saru, we have the captain, an officer in engineering, a nonstop talking cadet, aaaaaand we will get to know the others. The show is humane, but not a humanist. Against all Startrek characters, these people feel the most real so far. We aren't watching a fairy tale, people have flaws on and on, plusses and minuses, the folk are not so optimistic as in the original series. I have seen death today. It is not a fairy tale and certainly it is not portrayed that way. It was rather....

Discovery's science does not work like magic. There hasn't been any science talk over... whatever DS9 engineers ranted about so often, so don't expect engineers to sove everything miraculously. They will deal it with the Abrams way... Kirk would love this... 

----- Designs
I haven't seen any lens flare today!
Starfleet designers are nuts. Clean is ok, but for Treebeard's sake, let's put some green inside that ship! The constant white and grey makes it look like a hospital. I know it is a science vessel, but it should not look so lifeless.
Also the disc is not a solid object, it is a smaller disc inside a ring. I know it is a science vessel, but think about the space you loose, the acceleration and forces it has to withstand, that how weak it gets hit. Starfleet seriously needs some Vulcan logic.
Ok, and then there is the shuttle. All windows. So now we know exactly how big it is and everything that is happening all over. A neat design change.
30 mins in the series: WE ARE AT WAR! What kind of Discovery are we talking about?

Looks: Abrams 
Story so far: WAR
Characters: I think 3rd or 4th episode will bring a new crew. The ones we met were relatable. 
Storytelling: So far it is good. We have flashbacks to estabilish background.
The starship: Debris 6.0 Another, please! (If we stay with the design, it will be neat!)
Music: Movie tailer hype theme
Opening: It is different. We... need to decipher it. It is not about a catchy theme
Startrekky sketchy science engineering bullcrap sold as problemsolving: So far thech is in order.
Warp: Looks really fine. 
Klingons with Daedric armor set: Not an issue. 

Can we have any kind of exploration: We had... a kind of it... but we won't be exploring anything soon

Also, there is power that comes with responsibility. 
I got rid of a 100 items in my gallery. Old aquarium drawings, scraps, maps, some pen drawings that were not clear, some monsters, half of my memes, some backgrounds. You won't notice. 

Sooo Witcher volume 1 The Last Vish I almost finished. It made me laughing a load of times. The author sometimes references his stories in known folklore... yep, that is Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and.... east european devil stories for you. Those are only references, so you can laugh at the similarities, nothing more.
I found the Witcher stories relatable, fun, somehow realistic in portraying the average folk. Yes, it can be taught-provoking, makes you (and Geralt) reach to a conclusion for your own or take sides and flip your side as often as possible. Volume 1 is not heavy with that, it is a much lighter work, yet the general darkness of the world can be found in each step. And then, you will still laugh a lot :) 
Sooo to begin with, this book is not a single continous story, don't worry about that. Just

Just read it! You want it, you will want it, I promise!
I just sat through the series.

I happened to see a Spongebob parody and 2 vidoes about it. Aaaand I found the English DUB. Did not know where to search for the subbed one. I had a kind of spoiler for it.

So I noticed really fast, that the show is serious - except for 1-2 characters. For one thing, there is the journey of Light from where he gets the book to where his psiche gets in the end. It is also about the power the notebook gives, how it corrupts different people. The mind games in Death Note, the deductive games, how they plan forward, how Light uses the rules of the book, all is fascinating. It is really well-written!

Death Note made me laugh.

... each time with a new twist. Death Note surprised me on each corner. Aaaand there was a thing: the characters made mistakes left and right. Because of their characters, their short-range goals, what they had in mind at that point. It was a really good point how long the object, the note was kept a secret.

---------------------------------------The Witcher... book 1

I started reading book 2 in last Kung Fu camp because my friend brought it with him for re-reading and had 3 hours to recover. Soooo I decided to read all 6.

From what I got so far, I cannot make a judgement. I can say the book is trying to be as realistic in a fantasy setting as possible. That goes for important and fodder people as well. I have read 30+- pages from the first book and 70 from the second. I think I will have a great fun

---------------Gerald Durrel (almost anything from him)

Is currently the best author I ever had, the Hungarian translation that is. Simple and nails everything. Aaaand I cannot hide my tears of laughter on the tram. Happened a lot.
Comes Saturday as soon as I get home.

Tomorrow I will head out to Kecskemét, spend 5 days in kung fu camp, train myself to beat SonGoku - or at least Krillin. I know you don't worry at all, I already have 1.5 sword in my stock to upload. The first one does not look that bad.

That is one thing. I will take up on my 2nd master grade in Leung Ting Wing Tsun. I will tell you how it went.

See you all!
So, what are you watching, cousin? I know that guy, he is Edward Elrick! 

I started with regular FMA and got lost somewhere because I could only found spanish. Now I am around the 46th episode.

Since then I became a fan of Roy Mustang, the most epic side character I have ever countered. I can support whatever he does and would go through the brick wall for him. Literally.

So this show is way serious, I mean deadly serious. The plot, the story is deadly serious, it is consistent. Half of the characters I love, the others I love to hate, the guys in the middle I love to figure out how to feel. There are holy shit and yikes moments in every episode from awesome to dark. Philosophical questions were asked, some were answered, some were dared to have multiple or no answer at all. There are moments when the story lets me go. Then I jump back because I don't want to let it go. I did not knew I would miss it...

There are only 1 or 2 things messy. Like how fast time flies and the distances. They aren't a bother. 

This weekend I will do the rest of the episodes and digest the whole thing.
Without much spoilers.

Euon Crow's eye supposed to be the new Bolton/Joffrey. But as soon as he first appears, it seemed to me, he chose to follow Daario's path. He supposed to be a more serious fellow. And he does that like the Joker. Fortunately Winter is here...

Actually not. Winterfell should be in 6 feet deep snow. There is so little snow, besides in the Neck (for some reason) and in Winterfell... not even near the Wall, that it seems like it isn't yet Autumn. 

Samwell Tarly and Harry Potter memes are coming. 

So far as this episode goes, there is no Varys level of talk (He says something but he means something completely else), and I think we will miss this element. I wonder if new elements can join the show or will it only rely on what Martin have estabilished so far. Will there be new characters? Kinda. 

I have no idea what the Tully forces are doing, even less about what the Arbor is up to and 0 idea about Dorne. No problem. 
No idea what is happening, I had a like 30 minute search, dusted my PC, played with connection settings, still the net goes off for 4 seconds a time and it makes me a nervous wreck

Weekends I do Starwars Battlefront. My result was: 1 finished match in the morning, another in the afternoon
- Connection issues kidked me out of like 15 matches today
- 4 of them were when I tried to join a new game
- Ther was a time when I had tripple connection malfunction. Like 0 pfs for 3 seconds, then again after 3 seconds... then again. Continous 0fps connection issues
- Once I had to rejoin Origin... no... thrice I had to rejoin Origin. And one time was like it quit right away

So fuck it. Go Dark Souls 3. I will die more, but it is fair. No connection issues if I play offline

- I had the same issue with LAGG. 2 fps laggs vs NPC (Havel...) and a dragon.
- Sometimes 0 fps vs a Dragon. 
- Archdragon peak... 1 side there is a cliff, there is a 4m wide path and the other side: Skybox. I have no idea why that place laggs like a fuck.

So I went back to Battlefront and had that second match from Alpha to Omega. It was a happy match. I was top player with like 3.5 score in the end (cause laggs), with K/D like 11 to 20. The next guy had worse stats and the other players had an average of 5 kills.
- For the good side, I joined like 20 matches today - or tried - and non had a cheater! Don't know how that happened. 

---------------------------- I say that after 6 hours of gaming. Now the 2 good thing!

- Loading the map: 30 seconds or less.... I have no idea, how. A Battlefront 1 small map has bigger loading time.
- I log in and the game finds me a match in 6 seconds, starts joining sequence in 5 seconds
- Graphics... Sorry, I could not pay attention. I was busy lagging and dieing.

--------------------------------Now what sucks


- This map is made for campers. I mean the second part. Period!

- Until I kill my character or die, I will continously lagg no matter the resolution. I mean 2 fps lagg. After I respawn the game runs (relatively) smoothly. I am playing on low resolution and real time priority. It does not matter
- If you loose connection you have to quit - we know this well from sequel.
- There was an instance where noone could move because the game teleports us back so we had to exit
- There was time when I joined into mid combat, lagged and died in 5 seconds. I mean 2 fps lagg
- Game can't load textures - they are left black... all the time! I dumbed down the resolution and still!
- There was an instance I cound not join the actual game, I had to wait another round
- I can't control that f.... droneship. Not because it is hard, but because it has it's own will. Changes trajectory in a blink arbitrarily Also not helping: extra lagg.

My computer is not a strong one. This game is too much for it. I will upgrade my PC soon enough. Still it is a big pile of crap
My main idea of this game is an inverse DS game mechanic. But generally, it is inverse to every game we see nowdays. 

Nightfall would be centered around negative soul count, decay, and clinging to what you are against the world - while also doing the objectives. The Sun faded, as the Dark ending of DS is the canon. The sun is gone, the world is in the brink of the Abyss, life clings to light, fire and all their forms, whatever the cost. Some areas would be... sadistic with different rules.

What is negative soul count? How would it work?
- In the souls games, souls are XP that you can spend like cash or level up. In Nightfall you cannot level up. You cannot use your souls as cash. You have to use some other currency. Maybe firewood...
- Instead as your souls overfill and you level up, your stats start to decrease depending on the area an average like 0.001/ second until you reach back to your bonfire. This means you have to get there really fast, or not kill the monsters, but rather have another way with them. This also means that the game has to block your way with mosnters and with each different foe, there must be a way to get around them.
- Also, the demage and health would be shown like you did 97,562 instead of a 100 for example, and you can see how that number goes down...
- Not all the stats start to decrease. The game remembers how you killed the foes, what you wear, and how much you run and what you used the most will decrease. If that is your stamina bar, then your endurance. If you killed with a dex weapon, then it is your dex stat, and so on.
- This also means that sooner or later you can't use your starting gear, you will have to start or stop using those spells and so on.
- If you earned 2 levels, that might or might not double degradation. In different regions, it would count differently. Yikes!

So I should not kill opponents? Cool. I mean this, now that I can't grind! I can't get powerfull, I can't get high stats to wield an ultra greatsword!
- First of all, decay starts if you reach the level up and lasts till the bonfire. You can go up to high levels without decaying much provided you are smart enough. Homeward bones also play.
- You will be powerfull if you remain what you are. That is Nightfall. Also, you will find Titanite. Be careful what you enhance with it!
- Nightfall would have drugs... with short term in game time positive and in game time negative effects that ignore bonfire effects, or decrease stats permanently. For your convinience of course!
- Recognising all this means that you probably cannot get godly OP no matter how far you progress...

Sadistic areas? Within DS standards? This is a DS game, it is sadistic from the beginning!
- Yes and no. You know, you try to cling to the sun, light, spells that give light and so on. Imagine you wander into the shadow and you get extra souls, go into the dark and double the souls and degradation and triple while underground. You will also visit the Abyss.
- Also while in darkness, underground, you will be weaker, do less demage, and so on.
- So carrying a torch, candle, a spell that produces light would be essential - unless you want to go stealth.
- Aaand there is also erosion to your equipment. Not Breath of the Wild level of course...

Ok, that is done. What about dieing? That was the part where all frustration came from all Soulborne games.
- You die, you loose souls. In this game, it can be benefical. You are too close to level up, just run down a cliff, do suicide and you are fine.
- Dieing would not stop your degradation. Bonefires would. There would be areas where you respawn without a bonfire. Deal with it.
- Also, as I mentioned, some status effects would stay, I mean drugs.
- You touch your bloodstain, you get back your souls. You don't press a button, just step on it. In some places, your lost body will form an NPC and chase you. It either kills you, or "rewards" you with all your lost souls.
- Also there would be opponents that instantly decrease your stats if you kill them. Only a few.

Bosses. What about bosses? Would they have some other effect to the game than just big tough opponents hard to beat?
- The main stuff: They give lots of souls. Imagine there is no bonfire behind the monster, you leveled 2x or 3x, imagine that effect on your character. Especiall an early game boss.
- There could be a limited "boss form", where you can take a weapon/armor from the boss.
- That sounds cool, but the boss soul will consume you while doing it. That means while the boss weapon decayed, you will be significantly weaker... and boss weapons would also have requirements... 

So can the player regain his original form? Returning to human? Using an ember?
- With drugs... and suffering consequences later
- Definitely while invading!
- There would be 1-2 areas where the player will return to the original state.

Pvp, how it would take place? Besides normal Soulborne PVP?
- I don't want to punish invaders for being good, so there should be an invader stone or something that collects the souls you got from PVP. So you don't start to degrade as soon as you defeated sy.
- As an invader, you have your full stats, like you started in the beginning. So that means you can enhance at least 2 item sets. 
- This also means that players should 50% receive an item - like in previous games - that returns them to full power if they get invaded. The effect will last until the invader dies and would only take place if the fantom is hostile.
- Friendly fantoms would not play with full stats, nor purple fantoms. Unless a directly hostile fantom approaches, they cannot use the item.

So.... this is how DS Nightfall would be different? Not like getting better but not getting worse? Like your opponents would become harder as you progress? Oh crap...
- Yep!
- Also you have to plan the playthrough from start to finish. As I said, degradation at some pont, sooner or later would change how you must take on the next challange. You would have to consider which region to go next, and how much weaker you would emerge from them.
- And yes, consequences of what you do, decide in game will effect your end game.

So do you like this setup????
I did not notice when it happened - or it is just I left Control Point for Supremacy. 

I had 2 problems. The server disconnect and game ballancing issues. 

In the 10 hours I had this weekend and today with the game I had no issues with connection. I had small "yellow laggs" before the game starts. Dark Souls 3 laggs more in places it should not be, but the ST Bf is fine. Whatever the problem was, it is fine now.

About team ballancing, it seems people don't invite each other on Supremacy. There were only 5 instances from like 50 matches when all the good players occupied the same team. Or less.
The game shuffles team members between rematches in the map, sometimes it happens as I noticed, and it did great service.

I also found out that I love the dinamics of Supremacy, because I don't have to yell my team to rush. The occupy the midlands hardening the enemy to strike back. They have 0 map oversight nonethless, so there are times when we are defending - 2 of us - and sometimes I am the single guy charging behind lines. And 2 players can capture a control point. Yes, everyone expects the other to act. Happens. A lot. Allways. Or you have teammates left behind after you had to move back and the enemy left 4 guys to defend, your pals are cowards to actually take back what you have and then you notice your other base is taken by 5 players. Yep, some players shoule have committed suicide and respawn. And sometimes it is best not to move forward, just sit on your asses and wait, because every successfull assault adds 2 minutes to game time. If they retake it in a minute, that is 4. You were 2 minutes from victory, right? And sometimes there are enemys lingering all around and your teammates rush away to take a new base and... in 20 seconds the enemy takes it back. Yep. It is complex. I love it.
Big bad news for you, buddy! Someone or something is after you. And wants to kill you! You have 24 hours to prepare. But there is help! A lot of help in fact! You will have a mentor to prepare for the fight. And your mentor will do everything to teach you his/her/it's skills during your prep time and will give you extra support! You can use everything your mentor has in his/her/it's disposal. Superpowers, weapons, armor, spaceship, whatever! You... can cheat as much as you like, but... you can't befriend your antagonist and the duel must take place technically in 1 year. Or sooner...
Also, your mentor actually cares and is interested in your victory. So if you had to cope with Rick... things would suck a bit less.

Who is your opponent? Who is your mentor? It depends! This is a game of games, so there is a list of separate games. If you are an anime fan, or sci-fi fan, you can do them individually. I am interested in how well you took your challange, or would you die. If you feel like it, write it down how it went. And another rule: Each time you start from zero with just a little bit of talent in what you will be doing...

Yours opponents would be your favorite heroes' main antagonists, and your mentor would be the last hero you encountered with the genre.

The genres are:
- Sci-fi (Any movie or series Stargate, Starship troopers alike that is not animation. Superheroes not allowed. Novels and books CAN also play if you want to!)
- Fantasy (Any movie or series that is not animation, video game. Superheroes are not allowed. Novels and books CAN also play if you want to!)
- Western animation and heroes! (Comic movies or cartoons, non animated comic characters, Pixar animations, Adult Swim on Toonami/Cartoon Network... also... vampires. Avatar/Korra counts as western)
- Anime/manga (including Astroboy, Power rangers, Godzilla, whatever you know...)
- Video games! (All games that have characters, or at least mobs in it from early Prince of Persia, Starfox and Contra to Horizon Zero Dawn)


Which is your favorite sci-fi? You will have a duel with it's main antagonist in 1 year. I bet it is the Alien! If your baddy has a spaceship or spacestation (Death Star) in it's disposal, your mentor will aid you personally and will bring his/her/it's team and spaceship along. Timetravel is OK, so you can go back in time again and again, if it is an option your mentor can lend you. 

Is it an explosive finish? How easy did it go?
The result of my duel: I had to dispatch the BORG QUEEN from Startrek and I either had Ripley's team from Alien or the Rogue 1 team. Tough luck! We got assimilated, that is what happened...


What is your favourite story? Main antagonist in it? A beast? A warrior or a wizard? Will you be battling Joffrey Lannister XD??? I don't think so, antagonist is the Night King...
As usual, you can have the protagonist's weapon, magic and skills. You have only one year to learn and prepare.

So... how heroic was it? 
The result of my duel: Who can guess it, I fought the Night King from Game Of Thrones. My mentor was Tier Nan Gorduin, a hero from a hungarian RPG novel. I had a flame-enchanted sword... and a gun with a single shot. I actuall 1shotted the guy and hacked the remaining crap (that was still alive) into pieces for a torch finish. Luck?

---------------------------3) Western animation and heroes

Ever wanted to fight the Witch of OZ? Want to be Wolverine's apprentice? Maybe... kinda... Not me. You, dear player can inherit both skills, weapons (talking about Wolverine, the adamantium skeleton sett!) and the superpowers assorted to it. This is the time for you to become a mutant-wizard-brony and bring down Gargamel. You have exactly 1 year to get to know what superheroic accident made you what you are and study, prepare for the next fight. 
Also this match is harder, because your opponent will be expecting you. It has 24 prep time against you in the end of the year.

So how epic was your duel???
The result of my duel was a blast! My mentor, Berry Allen, the Flash prepared me for like 10 years with continous time travel until I could face Aku from Samurai Jack. Aku threw me into a time portal. And I came back XD Flash Lightning could hurt him...

------------------------4) Anime and manga

So... you want to blast Titans (kyojin), join Fate Zero or put King Gidora down. You will certainly have superpowers (unless you are in the Godzilla crew...), and a guy who knows everything about it, and probably could vipe out human civilization for good. I think your duel will last for like 20 seconds - 19 seconds of staring and talking and then 1 single shot that evaporates you or your opponent. Period. 1 year of prep time is totally not enough for this match, unless you last watched Dragonball Z or Super, because then there is the hiperbolic time chamber. And then you can have Goku as a mentor (he... is a bad one. Strong, but can't teach). If you feel bad for poor-little Earth to be caught up in the battle, leave the planet or this dimension!

Yep, this will be an even bigger blast. Who won?
The result of my duel was... well, it is dubious. 1 year is just barely enough for me to prepare FREAKING MERGED ZAMASU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe the Daishinkan, I don't yet know. It does not matter!!! ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! XD It really does not matter.... because... I was training with Saitama from One Punch Man.... As I remember it took him 3 years and I have one, but... he is a gag character.... so my fight with zamasu was an over the top Bullsh..t. I think he got the worse of it :) I won!

-------------------5) Video games

So your opponent is your favorite game's final boss. Unless there are optional bosses... or a secret boss... or a DLC top boss. Whichever is the hardest. If they come in pair (Smough and Ornstein), then you have to deal with both. Your mentor is the last boss you had to face in any game. It will teach you all it's skills, combos, powers, and will give you all the equipment to do the job with. This time you only have 24 hours to practice it, but you will have your controller or keyboard to be a bit easyer. You will also have your mentor's HP for a start... Also spaceships, heroes in strategy games (Might and Magic or Starwars Battlefront), ATST, tanks, helicopters, Titans, and colossi from the Shadow of the Colossus count)

So who wants to raid a dragon in an MMO with an ATST? Well, not me...I bet this challange will mash your fingers. It will be hard!
The result of my duel was... I died fast. I went up against Dart Vader's saber and force choak with 2 sabers. My mistress was the Dancer of Boreal Valley from Dark Souls 3 That thing can't dodge...
A game with games. The rules are simple. Similar to the last, but not just quite

Second game: Let's begin this shit!
-  You have 30 mins, clock is ticking outside the videogame
- You are teleported into the videogame you last played.
- Companions allowed
- Saving and loading allowed if the video game lets it. You can start from beginning
- However you are limited to 1 save file for each of the restart, time ticks when you generate new character.
- You are personally in the videogame, you can do everything inside that you can do outside, not better, not worse. So you can jump or climb in games you souldn't be and take foes down.
- Kill timers are off, you can go anywhere
- You can carry infinite stuff. 
- If you want to save your stuff collected, you have to delete the videogame save. 
- Permadeath. Also dieing saves your stuff you collected, so no worry!
- Altering your stats in the game alters your personal stats. Potions, levelups in the videogame will have effect after you left. But only for your last play.
- Console commands, hacks are off, but you can exploit glitches. 

What did you bring back? Did you die? Just imagine it, don't play it out.

My Answer: Oh, fck, I played Dark Souls 3.... died 1x 
- I have some knight armor (2 of the set I died with and a lot from the guys dragonfire killed), a titanite scale for first go. I climbed up on a rock and shot down the crystal lizard - from a point normally I could not reach
- I have 2 Uchigatana - the swordmaster fell down twice - a few estus flasks from both walkthrough
- I have a +2 longsword and all kind of crappy stuff. And some good shields
- And I enhanced my dexterity and intellect by the bonfire. Also I have a lot more HP now.
A game with games. The rules are simple:

First game: SURVIVAL
- You are teleported into the videogame you last played.
- You have your own life, if you die you can't return. 
- You cannot communicate with anybody, so they won't know... and you have to play actively. So no camping for too long.
- BUT! Whatever you end up with in the end, you will bring it back to this world.
- You have 1 hour and you can enter as many games as you'd like.
- It is based up on your skills, not the skills you have with the controller or keyboard, so good luck!

What did you bring back? When did you die?

My Answer: Starwars Battlefront 3. I played Walker Assault, brought back my AC280, a thermal detonator, a lot of charges for my shield and a jump pack. I also have a viper probe droid now... and I quit after 1 round...
So now I am doing 1 at a time. 1 weapon at once. I am doing crap so I can have fun. Samurai Jack's sword was without sketch. Just opened a JPEG on Google and tried to be relatively accurate. The next staff will come from pen sketches. 551 is on the way. I want it to look like actually something.

You can commission me and whatever happens, if I can find fun in it, the better it will look, so Commissions open.

But I have Kung Fu and my second master exam will take place in late August. Lot to prepare. Let's summarize this week...

Monday and Thursday - Substituting in training: 90 min 
Tuesday: 90 min substitute training and 75 min training for myself.
Wednesday: 75 min for myself, 90 min with partners
Friday: 90 min by myself, 90 min teaching partners.
Tomorrow: 90 min or 2 hour training with partner or... dunno
Sunday: 240min training for substitute instructors...
Over 16 hours. Cool. 

Si-fu did like 16 hours of training in 2 days. I need a whole week for that amount. 

Battlefront 3

Ballancing: it did not supposed to collect all great players into 1 group or other.
Connction: I had like 4 kicks out of game in 2 hours. 

Does electronic arts want us to hate the game we used to love?