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Weaponry 573 by Random223 Weaponry 573 by Random223
FOR SALE 12$ for eash

The number of " - " shows the potential of the item. Ragizori continent map here:…

Ragizori is a dual (...) world, the living phase is like the one you know, the grey one is a mostly black, grayscale-looking spirit world. Like in the game Limbo. Just not scary. They are almost the same. The grey is the fundament for the living one, which means that every lightest breaze in the living effects like an unstoppable force in the grey. Windswept dust turns you into sponge no matter what armor you wear, a blade of grass can cut through steel and noises bring winds. The grey is the source of magic power, and what is unreal. Metals like iron, silver, gold belong here, are mined here and you need a delicate process to bring them back to the living....

---- Red Dusk

The last glimpse of the day is a haron ritual on the north-east region. Hemiss has an orb the diameter of 20m covered in red ribbons thrice as long floating, drifting like fire would. The setting sun's red tints the blades orange, then blood. The ritual comes from 3000 years ago when 5 rogue suns wandered around the planet, the people embraced one of them. The greenish tint of the sword is a sign of that Ragizori's mother sun, the old, is green (imagine only a slight tint). The sword can store a lot of power and can emit light without magic powers invested. It also gives the ability of Ragizori's trueseeing, which helps particularly nothing in the real world, helps seeing hidden bodies, suppressed space in the grey world, gives a pretty accurate vision in the outer crust, where your eyes cannot see obstackles, and what you see (imagine underwater coverns with brown, green moss like you would in a drunken nightmare) helps none. Also the owner can see the stars though all couds, obstackles, and a hundred feet of solid rock.


Have you heard the story of the pux? Some kind of creature with 3 squidlike tentacles on the ground, a torso 2m high, 2 arms with claws and a hog's head. It is stupid. But in some haron kingdoms it is a common thing to bury living people under a tree with a hatch on the coffin to feed them. These people are fed, live in their prison and die there. The tree grows through the coffin. When it grew through, these folks are ried up and the roots will engulf them. As the poor fellow dies, the coffin is sealed and the tree will consume their soul as well as body. Then the tree will grow into a human form rooted to the ground with 2 hands, a head, that can speak, think and has memories of the deceased. They aren't the same person, hopefully. That is the slow mole method in binding someone
This sword is the fast one. Plant the blade into the subject and the seeds start growing from the inside. The subject won't die, just take roots from hands and feet. Eventually in their sleep they will be immobilized at some point. Do that in the grey world to someone and you will create a spirit. Do that in the outer crust and... just don't think about it. The subject might live for 10.000 years in that solitude.

-- Liquid blade

I have no f..... idea! Probably it came with an escapist (bard?) from a dreamworld of theirs. 

---- The tickler

This piece of sword is made from a kinf of deathwood that reacts to magic by growing. It's core is in the crust, the magic passes through the grey world, yet the transition is seamless. Your magic brings the wooden structure forward or let's it fade back, nothing more. Wht it does is it expands the hilt into a shaft of 9 feet. Also the grey world connection can render the whole structure - the wooden part - adamant in space and make it particularly invulnerable, and also - weightless. The speed that springs the blade forward and back is also like a kicking horse. If one knows how to use this artifact, it would not take much effort to control it.

- Rivek twohander

Copper combined with a niorn greyish metal made this light greatsword. The glassy fabric if from the gwinn craftswoman adding the incredible cutting edge of glass to the metallic durability coming from the iron hilt. She could not alter the weight, but she did some neat job in ballancing it - mostly with excess material on the crossguard
Sintorion Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017
I like the Deathlaf. Would be really nice to have one.
Random223 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I can only hand you the PNG
Sintorion Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2017
That's nice from you. ;) But a real one would be a lot more .... fun and good for the environment ;)
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