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Weaponry 572 by Random223 Weaponry 572 by Random223
First 3 are commission of Grade-AMasterpiece 
The lower 3 are FOR SALE. Purchase or commission your own!
I oversaved the file, I will have to restore it from JPEG :(

Ragizori is a dual world. The real (color) world and the grey, the spirit world occupy the same space. They cannot touch each other, elusive to each other. The color stands as adamant to the grey, drifts of sound act as hurricanes, wind propels deadly shrapnel of dust and leaves, while most humanoids only know, that the grey is for spirits and to extract mana from. Few of the chosen whom study magic knows about the outer crust of the twin realm, even less knows that there is an inner one protecting the cocoon. These latter ones know that there are dreamworlds beyond the outer crust and through that they can reach other... planets.

Number of "  -  " describes power level!

------- The eye that holds you (Reserved!)

The basic shape (  We have seen possessed swords and lances cursed by mages. This time, however, we have a trident - symbol of unyielding power and strength - perverted symbol by its wielder's own massive evil. It is both demonic yet hauntingly beautiful, but don't stare at the eye. You'll fall prey to its inescapable illusions and live your worst nightmare until the trident's wielder is satisfied. 

--Silkfang (Reserved!)

Basic model can be found here ( This stave is the black widow's greatest gift. The spells it casts take the form of many magical threads, razor or otherwise. In any case, once you're trapped, you better hope it does not belong in the wrong hands.

-------- White glass spear (Reserved!)

The basic framework here: (  A spear of deceptive power and unmistakable beauty. Most of it looks like glass, but when testing its might, you'll find it harder than steel. The cutting edge looks like steel, but it slices through almost everything. Only the most powerful and worthy can ever dream to brandish this spear. Only time will tell; so says the eternally ticking clock apart of its very design.

-- Black cosmos dance - 
SOLD to TheMoonlitPrince

Creating a spell on the living world is such trouble! Experts precast the spell inside themselwes, others simply create a magical space for that. True masters know, this method is only for emulation and thinking up combinations, because the real or grey world comes with more trials for each try they can handle. Still, such an artifact that can help you with said space gives you an edge. Yes, your casting will be faster. Also you can easily disect interesting magical founds inside subspace. Just remember to disperse the energy!

---Paer's staff 
SOLD to TheMoonlitPrince

A more of the nomadic staves for a crowdly densed culture that loved to mix the up with the down both trying to lift the selected to the clouds and call the otherworldly to the ground. Paer's main era ended like 12.000 years ago, but back then people in the cities had to share space with the otherworldly animals, ancestords and the really ancient ones. Paer's disciples had the power to call back long-lost souls from their GOD probably speaking a foreign language, because they probably existed another 10-20000 years earlyer perhaps on a different planet. This staff was a real tool for that. Not enough accurate to call back some real deal, buuuuuut.....

--------Lihilia-deathwood staff  
SOLD to TheMoonlitPrince

About the dual phase of Ragizori's main world, I lied. It has 3 sides. The third is the chaos ocean of darkness. The grey world has rifts all over. These rifts are places where souls can escape into oblivion, add back to Ragizori's initial mass, fusion into the core, sleep for undetermined time to come back as... mana in the grey world or.... be born again. Lihilia connects the grey and color world without effort, it is in both places at once. The deathwood is another thing growing in the grey, also cannot be seen from the color world. It can be a beacon to the dark ocean, by opening a portal near it. You don't want to drop anything into that portal you don't want to miss. It disintegrates everything. EVERYTHING.
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TheMoonlitPrince Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I'll take the last 3 magic staves - $33.00 total
Random223 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Bear with me: I had to recover them from JPEG, the ones you receive will be a tiny bit different.
TheMoonlitPrince Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Invoices paid and files downloaded. Thank you very much
TheMoonlitPrince Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
okay let me know when you want payment. total for all the designs is $104.00
tonare Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Nice job...they look awesome.
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