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Weaponry 571 by Random223 Weaponry 571 by Random223
For sale 12$ each

Storm blades of the shipwright guild sailing the Lead Sea. Behold the colors of the gwinn craftmanship! The first and last are undoubtadly for human hands - for they are disproportionate - and the center is for a niorn admiral. Function above beauty. Just don't oversize things. These lot are more of a crossbowman, swordplay scarcely comes a reality. 

Fyyda -- 

Is an arrowhead. Named after the soldier owning it. Just imagine a 4feet long shaft that summons a 3m wide magical limb on each side and add an arrow that looks like this sword with extra 2 feet shaft. Now that thing will fly as fast as a regular arrow and have 4 dozen shots of it in a day. That, or a long prayer to Etele to double them up. It counts as siege equipment, breaks through the hull of the ship and stays about a minute after cast. Unlike other magical missiles, it does not evaporate as it leaves the zone of the caster.

Foam - 

The origins tie back before the navy, it is said, one captain found the sword just lying on the shore rocks. It was green from the moss covering it. No rust, no nothing. It seems niorn craftmanship, by the grayish metal that is certainly weaker than steel. It does not rusth though.


A second it is a sword, the other it flips and reveals the other limb of the bow. The guard stays. The sword is 4.6 feet long, the bow is about 9 feet and has a magical string to it. It was made to be a siege equipment firing ballista level of bolts. Nowdays the fronts of Etele's ships have enormous limbs of crossbows spreading 70 feet firing magical bolts the size of a pinetree across a mile. These bows are overdated...
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August 25, 2017
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