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Weaponry 568 by Random223 Weaponry 568 by Random223
SOLD for TheMoonlitPrince! IF YOU WANT YOUR OWN, send a commission in a note!

/Ask in note. Alsofrom August the 7th to the 12th you'll have to wait for my reply/


A black glass shaft and a blade of pulsing light. Flashes pass by. The structure is light and robost, the architect is a niorn. The sword is about the 348th of the series in trying to make a durable, light engine of slaughter. Greyworld magic ceases to fortify the shaft or the blade. The ballance is also to the top making this sword unwieldy. The only good point about it is the length, and that is usually a deciding factor in fencing. This sword, at the best, will only catch dust however due to it's fragile state.

---- Kék

A more stable and ballanced niorn glassblade. The magical effect is the greyworld magic that supposed to keep the sword flexible. It does not really vaporize. Except the gem, the whole work is a single cast, the magical formuli were set before the melting procedure started and it guided the solidification. The sword is about 396th in the succession. Several copies were handed out to various officers, but only to catch the eyes and only in ceremonies. The blade itself is sturdy and strong enough, but niorns don't really do half work. This sword has nothing to be proud of by the means of magic.


402th of the line, this weapon succeeded to cast internal structures into the cast glass proving that magic can be fortified into an item that has been developed by magic formula. This means you only have to develop the texture once, to make a thousand copy. The runes will drink the magic up neverthless. So no problem. The glowing aura is the secondary effect emitted by the sword - that is perfectly safe as steel - and the effect is a kind of invisibility. The sword hides it's presence in the grey world, it's movements are blurred it's hits will strike you like Monti Python's spanish inquizition....


Glass is a thing. By the 457th experiment, the forgemaster could reuse greyworld material to mix it with glass. The feathers are a constant magical effect, the blade is a solid flame, that dances along, yet it is solid and sharp. Some parts of the blade do evaporate and some parts end up as projectiles toward the center. These blasts can go about 5-6m and do some harm. The sword is one of a many, however unfinished the final procedure is. Also, since we are talking about niorns, the shaft can alter it's size turning this sword into a spear. This is something most soldiers really like.... And yes, this thing also burns hot.

Do give me comments:) Have fun!
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TheMoonlitPrince Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I'll buy all 4 - $48.00 total
IllEatYourself Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You oughta design some kind of ice/water-themed sword for Warframe.  I bet they'd put it in if they liked it enough.
Random223 Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Open a channel to them, Spock. 

Hy, I.E.Y It has been 3 years since I heard of you!
IllEatYourself Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I have no idea how to actually share a design with them.  I just know they have some stuff in Warframe that was designed by fans or something.  Maybe they were contest entries?  I dunno.  Feel free to email them or something though. xp
And yeah, it's basically been three years since I last visited DA for any reason other than showing people something I made.  Finally back for a little while to read a fanfiction I never finished.  I lost my artistic desire and just kinda stopped checking stuff out. ^_^;
Kotytor Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2017
Really cool looking, too bad I prefer practical designs... however I'm quite astonished by how they look. Quite eye catching if you ask me.
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August 4, 2017
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