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Asked DestinyWarlock if he would a 3D model for 

Weaponry 523 by Random223  And he made:  Hope with Light: Sword Request by Random223 by DestinyWarlock  Just awesome!
Also Rick and Morty in the end!
Rogue 1----------------------------------------------

And I'm avoiding spoilers. For the story is great, but it just left me behind like the midnight bus. And I could not sink into the Starwars Feeling as I wanted.

It was in the 4th episode that the corvette comes into the view chased by the destroyer... that we gaze at the vast desert of the Tatooine with tiny C3PO vandering alone, and stand by Luke watching the binary sunset. This is called the buildup I think.

It is gone. May it Rest In Peace.

Leia, may you Rest In the Force.

With the usual text narration also gone I had not the time to sink into the first chapter and connect. And I had even less time to connect with the rest of the team. When the action started happening, I did not care.

For the worlds are dark and filled with terrors (and I have seen the dieing sun of Dark Souls 3... it looked just like that), the tone brightened as we lead to Scarif - and hope.

And I am in a feeling that Rogue 1 is not about Jene Urso, but the Rebellion. I think that was a great portrait and I can clearly see it's evolution. Also I felt relived that the empire had it's own food chain.

Characters... The film flushed out all 5 main characters without them acting much or having any individual screentime to do it. Except for the pilot and U2. U2 is the only droid in the entire series, who can aim. And I am counting my Starwars Battlefront 3 friends and aquintances who could do better work in the last third of the film. Because we are talking about ordinary guys here. Except for the samurai jedi, he was extraordinary.
And we have 1 villain. The only villain in the show who we see actually contributing to his own cause... well... from a scale of Tarquin to Terminator he was about 5. 

The film had it's awesome monents. They are in, spoiler category. For the author, I hand it to him, since some of these moments come with the creative thinking of the characters trying to solve a situation that they cannot simply handle with FORCE.

As a close, it has been about 20 hours since I sat down in the theater and I am still contemplating on wheather I liked the movie or not. I felt the fourth wall between me and them.

Also when I set myself to sleep it did not felt I saw a Starwars movie.

Oliver Twist ----------------------------------------------------------- 

Skip next sentance if you don't want to die now (whole paragraph)

As I am of Hungarian origin and the most decency of English is eluding me, I now commit myself of opening a dictionary on the Internet and finding each and every new word that I have found in this day, on one page, in a sentance so elongated, domesticad, riddled with commas, colons, semicolons, dashes, that it faltered me not only once, twice, not three times, but four times - even when begging for Google's translation of aboe mentioned boquet of words - making me wondering what made Dickens write down these monstrositys of sentences that last half a page and in as much drain my lifeforce, if he might have felt the same as me, if he found himself elevated by confusing his readers - if he ever dreamt that his novel should be picked up with foreigners - so these word-worldsnakes should be the sphinxes guarding the treasure - his genius - only for his chosen kind.

And I was short. He is longer. It is pain.
Dickens is like Candide's Voltaire. He calls his scumbags decent persons by all names with irony. He is also an eufemist when describing their actions. His evil characters are evil, his good characters are good, between are few. First 60 pages of Oliver Twist is full of evil. If this is an accurate critique of the XX.century England, then society is evil. It is not. After 60 pages taught this guy is evil for making me feel this way.
You make heroes relatable by whipping them with fate. Not like this. It is disgusting. I am on page 90 now, and the story somewhat changed. I won't read another Dickens if the starting theme comes back.

Dr. Strange-------------------------------------------------------

Spoilers! - his hands are still shaking in the end!

-   I thank for Angry Joe, he convinced me in his video. Now... We mix Tony Stark and... Starlord and add some Hermione Granger into it. Egocentric as the first, goes with music, like the second and does magic like the third. Also: Smart like the average of the three. Typical 2016 superhero. Aaaand he has very few character development here... except he goes from down to earth to acknowledging magic. Same guy. And we have 2-3 characters we can relate. Forgot their names in 3 days

Dormao, I am here to bargain...

- Unlike Inception, I know what is happening. And also, why it is happening. Magic is reasonable now. And is the only movie that could do it so far as I see back and forth in the future. Not Harry Potter reasonable, that has not put together. GOT also has a system if you can find it. The rules of D.S's magic are handed down like you are reading an RPG rulebook. See for yourself if you haven't.... 
No, it isn't about Dormao... he isn't the villain (forgot villain's name though) the guy made some deep crap and I have few clues how he got there. Not explored thorough.

The best in visuals are what D.S borrowed from Inception without the dezinformation of which world you are in right now.
Shit is happening fast and you are amazed. You can still understand what is happening, no problem there.
Aaand D.S is a neat Adventurer, handles himself fast, breaks all rules, gets away with it. I am not sure if the movie gave me anything - besides drueling scenery - to think about.

-------RICK AND MORTY!----------------------------------

So what is the fuzz about this piece of crap?

5 mins later: jaws dropped-laughing-crying, reciting the story for mom (even though she does not like things like this cartoon) for the 4th time. I am around season 2 episode 4, I have seen 4 hour ot of this show and I will finish it this week. Or today!

Rick and Morty hurts. 

I see great characters here (period), a gordion knot of a plot - so twisted - and for my amazement, they kept the state of the world as left in the previous episodes and not start afresh, like Dexter's lab. 10/10 and now... I should be drawing swords now... but I want to continue! 

"Now I haven't exactly been subtle about how little I trust marriage, I couldn't make it work and I could make it work and I can make a black hole into a sun, so...."
It was 12:30 Pm started watching it - daylight - room's door open, can hear conversation behind... the film is so strong, all that cannot distract it together.

What can I say? I am still thrilled. I won't be having nightmares. One of the best films I have ever seen, period.

I usually sit down and rate the ups and downs on the film like design, story, characters and so on. I can't. These guys on the stage were not actors playing a role, there wasn't an image that could get shattered. These people were in their lives in an alien situation. Nothing, I say NOTHING distracted me except for the few fact that I had the idea what will happen. The music? Oh, that, did not noticed. I was inside the happening!

As I sat and immersed, I recited myself all the rules on how not to act in the situation and yelled inside myself "don't do that! Never go alone! Turn on all the lights! Just kill it!". Everyone else does. And yes, I also watched for the signs and omens trickling in the beginning and I caught each warning, the buildup on what is going to come.

I still feel excited.... Yes, and jumpscares. Do kill the cat next time!
We have Walking Dead Telltales... 11/10 rating
And we have Batman (I think) with telltales... rating don't know
And I know of Minecraft the Telltales 2/100 rating (cause it destorys everything Minecraft is about)

So let's assume Telltales remade some of your farorite or hated games in their own style. I rate it by Feeling Grphics, Story, Tension, characters. Each from minus to plus 10.

Doom 4 - the Telltale (what is in it besides gunning and smashing skulls?)
- Bald idea. As mindless as Sharkanado... I think it wouldn't sell. -10
- So... top graphics, all the guts down to comics style. Not impressive - 8
- Story.... Doom 4 would have a story. I dunno, maybe it has already. But now they must put up something. Awkward -2
- Tenshion... without gunning... No such thing in this game! -10
- Characters... Doomguy would have a character. Probably.... no... forget it - 0
To summarize up: -30 It would suck...

Halo 5... the Telltale story!
- Aaaaaaaaaaaaam. No idea. Seen some of Halo cartoons. No shooting, no aim no legendery mode, no Halo - 10
- Graphics... Halo allways had peak graphics. The only thing Halo 5 did good was... no... the style sucked. Telltales would go back to original... Or slightly close to it with strange comic feeling -4
- Story... Halo 5 was a mess. Telltales could... do... something... with it. With decision making and stuff. It could squeeze out what 343 failed to do. And since Halo 5 sucked so bad with story, I give it +7 (still no match to any other Halo game)
- Tension... no gunning... maybe... maybe. +0
- Halo 5 had blend to no characters. Whatever Telltales would do with H5, it would be better. Significantly +10
To summarize: Halo 5 Telltales would still suck, but in a different way. Still, better than original: +3

Skyrim, the Telltale story (BUT WHYYYYYY?????)
- The unique atmostphere of Skyrim still enchanting players and the go wherever you see map down to a linear path. It is like sekpuku. -10
- Graphics: Emulating Skyrim... seen many basic animations, this would not differ. Only being serious this time. "Why am I doing this? There are 100.000 mods around there!" And it has just been reedited... -10
- Story... instead of making the story of your own, you would go down a linear (yet branching) path that would be just a bit more organized. Only -7
- Tension.... no sneaking, no spellcasting, just killing... or not even killing... maybe... no dragonslaying... no giantslaying. Shit - 10
- Skyrim's Characters are not flushed out. We like some of them. Mostly were idle. Now you'd had some... companion maybe... or guild maybe... or wife... just forget it -5
To summarize: Skyrim the Telltale would suck bad. Reaching negative below zero ratings on every forum... -42

Assasin's Creed Syndicate - the Telltale story
- The feeling you cannot climb the tallest building on your own, cannot find your path in a cathedral puzzle, go treasurehunting, chase down anyone is unnerving. Buuuuuuuut AC fcked up lot of things recently. Including that. So it is only a -5
- Graphics... ACS looks good, but only a little simplification is needed to do telltales. No probs there... just it would not be that beautiful. London is damp after all. AC2 Telltale would be bullsh... but ACS Telltale is only -3
- Story... AC 1, 2, until Liberation had stories. Good stories. But then it went totally off. I can write pages on what ACS did wrong. Anything Telltale could come up with would make it better. +10
- No sneaking... no bullshit fights when opponents (7 of them cornered you) are waiting half a hour to punch/stab/shoot you. No charses on rooftop (Telltale could actually do that with quicktime). Whatever +3
- Kennway was OK, his son was... whatever... Altair had no character... Ezio was Ok. He had personality. I think this guy... Jack... or something. Just forgettable. Side characters were so off I could rand half a hour on it. I miss Da Vinci. Telltales could only up this. +5
I'd rather buy AC Sindicate Telltale than the original.+10... but at least watch the walkthrough on Youtube

Dragon Age 2 the Telltale
- The world is so big, if the team decides to do a story like DA 2 just running from whatever is coming at them, I'd wellcome it. Yes, there is plenty of space for such a thing in the DA universe. But I can't imagine the outcome. Maps are already small, no hinder in making it linear +0
- Peak DragonAge graphics would go off the window and do some gritty Kirkwall colors. The tone is dark already. Not much change is needed. Still, people did not like the original +1
- Story... DA2 is family-story driven. And friends. It is tightly knit, and making it even more story-bound with telltale (running from the darkspawn), the templars, kunari and... just asking myself in the late story where did I do wrong? Maybe if I replayed??? +8
- Tension... whatever you do in DA2, it will have a negative outcome. Telltale can emphasize that. Choosing from different wrong (Like elections). I think I'm starting to like this +3
- Characters. DA 2 goes with characters. They have as big a story as the main story itself. No... bigger. You would play along with it, do your stuff. Actually it is hard to do better than DA in this part. They made me thinking a lot of times in the end game. Had to play it twice to see what is actually happening along the way. It would still be neat. +6
SUmmary: DA2 the Telltale story would do just as good as the original. I would play it!
Date-time written in hungarian fashion.…

In memorial of our heroism. Also... in memorial of the Polish and Czechslovakian rebellion that we had to partake on the wrong side.
The book the Clintons wanted to kill.
By Gary Aldrich

I don't have a volume telling me about the Trump scemes. I would dig myself through that all the same. The difference is Gary was a pedant FBI agent and what he described happened in the White House.

Gary conducted background researches on White House employees reassuring the president of his/her staff's credibility and decency, what he tells us is highlighted from the view of the national security within the House and not the extramarital behavior of the president. That is the first half.
The second half is about the book. The fight for letting it published, gettint it's deserved attantion and getting "the truth" out to the people.

I knew trump was bad, but the truth was hard to swallow.

Talking about the truth means that before the Clintons in the old Bush era:
1) Every single worker of the House was highlighted in every 4th year to check their good character. Of background, of friends, of habits, any illegal activities, and especially on drugs. The FBI could conduct all the researches till the new president took seat, and the people who got to serve him/her were decent... Like weapon lobbyists and drug dealers weren't invited to have a look at top-secret material... or to get better know of their enemys testifying against them. Hard to swallow.
2) Besides that, these personnel were chosen mostly by their good attitude to work, (a helathy amount of) patriotism and loyalty TO THE STATE not to the president. Hard to swallow.
3) The FBI was a nonpolitical service, independent from the W.H and not a political power to nail inner enemys.
4)And somehow the crew felt respected and happy to serve under the president. According to the book, even clinton-loyalists (of lower ranks) changed their mind.

I am just saying this, We grew up in a country like that. So... I cannot imagine something that runs different. 

And Gary describes me that the U.S.A was that. Different. And lost it.

So he made his book and broke trough. Gave me hope. Still it is good as anything nowadays when the 2 main parties chose 2 candidates like such. 

Vote pro Cthulhu!
This page turned into bullshit - thanks to the engineers/designers

Here is my uploading process. It supposed to take 10 minutes to go to 50+ groups

From the start: I am using  Weaponry 163 by Random223  as the base for friday upload. I am member in 56 groups. I open "show all" groups and click on the one I want to visit....
1) Thumbnail bug opens new page of group... and loads group page with base webpage
2) I click on backwards on initial page.
3) I click on contribute art on group. WAIT 1 FULL MINUTE until page loads
4) Contribute to group window does not open at once (I don't care), there is a button... THAT DOES NOT REACT FOR A FULL MINUTE... OR 2 OR AT ALL. HAVE TO F5 OR REFRESH... AND WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE
5) Checking initial webpage. Cannot click on "show all" groups. Broken. Go backward-forward or F5 50% of being broken again!
6) Group's webpage is completely broken again, do F5, and wait.


oh, did I say that browsing is also broken? I have to click 4 times on backwards to actually go back to the search engine? Or that ctrl-click does not work cause.... thumbnail bug you know...
clinton white house. I haven't started the book yet. But Before that, for this Friday I collected 10 alternative presidential candidates for your delight. Kt'hulhu is one of them and the rest aren't better. And I know that with proper propaganda, most of your people would elect them.

I am also not American.

I am Hungarian. And that has the impact on my would be opinion if I will have to make the same choice as you. We have a successfull president who managed to alienate us from the Eu, all the countries that sorround us, also the US and got a closer bond with such prosperous nations like Turkey... and the East... Post sovjet east.

Also I should remind you, that in our 2010 election our currend president and his predecessor were labeled "just as bad as the other". Which now seems the case in the US.

- The fist thing is that this trump figure behaves like our president. And if lines above could not make sense, I could mention berlusconi, the italian and cameron, the british.
- Now I have a clue but I don't know, how much head start hilary has in the summ of conspiracy she generated. She had her time and this book is an inch thick. At least trump did not bloodied his hands...
- Here we (Hungarians) are with a president in his year in power who would probably have another 4 after next election and return the same way as the italian tyrant.
- So here I am. I would support hillary over trump many times over and I will read a book that will most likely change my perception.

- And also you are here with my warning cause we... Hungarians are... left broken here.
COMMISSIONS OPEN, ask me in notes!

So my Kung fu week was like... 
- Monday... and Thursday: Teaching as secondary master in dojo.
- Tuesday: 50% chance of practicing... (this week I teached)
- Wednesday: 50% of practicing... (this week I practiced)
- Friday: 50% chance of dojo open 1 hour before lesson starts.... teaching (had 20 mins)
- Saturday: Sports con in district... finally I had some time to master something!

That out of the way.....

-------------------------------- Dragonball Super (I'm watching it raw!)

(DRAGONBALL SUPER WAS SPONSORED BY TAFT HAIRSPRAY!!! Keeping your hairdo solid under the hot suns of Namek, mach 5 wind, being underwater, being blasted through solid bedrock, ki-blasted and under 1500G. The hairdo holds!)

- So if a character has a kind of power you showed before and it played a main role fixing some crap (WHIS), why don't you use it again?
1) Soooo yes! Characters are smart again, planning forward and superpowers are now not deus ex machina (no pun intended)
- So if a character acted as comic relief for the last 40 episodes but is a BAD ASS 1100% AND FANTASTIC CHARACTER!!! why don't you make him shine again?
2) YESSS! Bills made me drop my jaws today! Just... just BILLS
- This is the Game of Thrones feeling when you know something does not happen but characters feel themselwes in false safety. Probably running to their doom.
3) No, conflict is not resolved and even eps 60 preview states so.
- When you realize a chracter you knew, who was bad ass and is still supposed to be becomes a whiny... and then the show itself states that he is whiny...
4) Future Trunks is as powerfull as Goku without SSB. But is soft as icecream. So he gets a smackdown from present Trunks XDDDDDD and he promises he will keep up - so he is still a nuisance and doed not seem to train at all...
5) But HANDS UP TO VEGETA! - the only one who is still training his ass off to surpass Goku and he will still be weaker in the end (saaaad! He supoosed to be the talented and Goku the hardworker)

----------------------Battlefront 3 - DEATHSTAR DLC

Stopped around July but TOP 10 kills of the week brought me back...
- Entered Deathstar DLC match, 2 rounds, 3rd map load fail. CTRL+ALT+DEL.
- Re enter. Walker assault. Cannot load map. CTRL+ALT+DEL.
- Re enter. Walker assault, Cannot load map. CTRL+ALT+DEL.
- Re enter. Walker assault. Kicks me before finish CTRL+ALT+DEL.
- Re enter. Walker assault. 1 round go, 2nd map load fail CTRL+ALT+DEL.
- Re enter. Deathstar DLC, 3 rounds, 4th map load fail. CTRL+ALT+DEL.
The tendency continued. 

This bug is game-breaking. Players not knowing teamplay is a common online gaming problem, but this shit chased me off from Battlefront. And EA. Except for next Dragon Age. 

Don't get me wrong, I loveD this game before this bug. Now I hate it. Came with Bespin and became the JARJAR of the series.

I don't recommend you playing it now. Go play Dark Souls or something else that is good :)
Theodore Dreiser - An american tragedy

I am half through with the book. I regarded it as average and it went to one of the top books I read. The book has done to me a lot that none previous authors have tried.

Clyde Griffiths's development starts from early age in a less than common wealth family with ambitions and a rich uncle. Clyde has 2 motivations throughout the book. Having a woman and retting to the top 10.000. The latter is stronger.

Clyde learns little from his family's mishaps, has no empathy at all and cares none for the others or himself. First chapter is his first love, a femme fatale and she ruins his life. After Clyde moves, he meets Roberta (from the purest kind) and begins a true romance until he meets the third love of his, Sondra from the upper classes. Clyde has to remove Roberta from his life even though she is carrying his child.

From that moment Clyde gets deeper and deeper into the mire. We (I) feel sorry for the poor girl as we dig through Clyde's lies, anger and... a plan for murdering the women he loved half a year ago. 

I haven't ever had to hate the protagonist of the story. The one who we are supposed to, indoctrinated to sympathize with, close both eyes to their mistakes and getting into deeper and deeper shock as the story unfolds. And I am only half through. I have idea what might happen, not as how. 

I encourage you all to sit down and read it. Don't know how many of you read at all. You have a life to take care of :)


Dragonball Super screwed up. Or not....

Some fights were fresh (Dragonball Tenkaichi), some were only good when Buu made faces while being beaten up. Those were tedious. Frieza vs Vegeta was menacing. Watched Goku vs Frieza without talking. That felt epic. Too long, but epic. Cell games were 11/10 and I also enjoyed Vegeta being beaten up by the Ginyu. 

And now we have... Goku SSB, Vegeta SSB, Trunks vs Black and Zamasu.

- The filler side (everything on current Earth) is tedious.
- The Zamasu part on Kaioshin planet is basic. You are disgusted by mortals. Because they are barbaric and strong. That is it.
- Can count up techniques they use in my single hand. No variations (Frieza in his main arc used fist, elbow kick, knee, tail, head, blast, lazer big boom, destroyed without visible energy blast, killed Krillin with a single hand move and destroyed his own armor with muscle move) Black uses a sword and everyone is in extasy.
- Bills vs Goku lasts a few episodes - As soon as Son gets more powerful, techniques get lamer... -  Whis has unique fighting style - SEE IT IN ONLY 1 EPISODE. Kabe uses great combos!!! - SEE IT IN ONLY 1 EPISODE! - Zamasu uses nice combos in his firt fight - IMMEDIATELY FORGETS ALL OF IT!!!

----the buildup for powerlevel bullshit

- Goku needs SSJ3 to handle Trunks while training ----> Bulma's tech can contain 2 SSJ2 fighting.
- Hit destroyes Vegeta SSB ---> Goku normal on par with Hit ---> Goku goes SSB and hit can't feel the difference ---> neither when he goes Kaioken 10 in it.
- Black is faster than Vegeta SSB. Then powers up to Roze. Then Vegeta is faster than him---> Zamasu stops SS Blue goku.---> Then Trunks SSJ2 (or 1) can keep up with Zamasu.
Monday to Saturday training. 30 hours of training.
That is 25 officially, but it was merged with "master training", that was an extra 4 hours.

2 hours in the morning +2 hours in the afternoon. And some extra minutes when Si Fu had his time.

Kecskemét is usually about those 4 hours, some food you get between and the other hours you want to spend with training in the campus, but you fall sleep ASAP after dinner because you are so tired and that the temperature is 32 celsius. Not this week, it was rather chilly, 27C... and some rain.

Could only bet 90min extra for feetwork. Alone. Wanted to do doube of that. And did not participate in campus training. This was a huge disappointment. Next time... 
The 8th of August till the 13th. I'll upload in a 20 hour delay. 
I will reply your notes/mails after. Since... I won't have internet. If you remember the facebook meme like what would I do? Kung fu...

So I will leave early on monday. Do not be sad, I already have a dagger and a stack of 3 items. 

"Thank you for watching" I stopped thanking for a 3 weeks period. D.A thought it is a spam for a day. Yeaaah...

So hy.
So my Si Hing (master/kung fu brother) and his Si Hing went to the Everest for a tour. To train on low oxigen and start a training session finishing in Kecskemét kung fu camp next month. And also to have a mesmerizing journey. They only saw the peak, they are not mountain climbers. Still the footage is... just my taste.

I loved every second of the video. Go see the footage at…

Or if you cannot reach it, I shared it on my own account:…
recent update: WALKERS ARE SPED UP BY 30%. Or 50%. Since the update was made THE REBELS HAVEN'T WON A SINGLE ROUND. Period.

Best result was on Endor 2 map with 33% walker hp left. That is the easyest rebel map besides normal Hoth... and you can do well on Jaku. But no, not a single victory.

I wrote a letter to EA. If you are fans, I ask you to ask them "politely" to undo the walker speedup. It is gamebreaking. 

I have like 360 hours in BF and now feeling like leaving it. 
An RPG of a tactical combat type. Half of your time you are managing your caravans, keeping it off harm's way or keeping clansfolk alive. The harder battles you take (charge) the less soldiers and giants you will loose. And you can stay in for another round to keep more folk safe.

Kills count as renown, 1 each, you can upgrade heroes, buy artifacts and food from it. The more folk you have, the more they eat. And there is the morale and injuries which you should heal with rest.

Strength=health, strength-armor=demage, you have to break armor first. And injury decreases starting strenght... Lots of things to take care for.

Most of your time you manage your caravan, each day or another something happens and you have to decide on the outcome. A lot of the decisions count, but the most disturbing is when they don't. Was that event inevitable? You go back and try again.

You can play it over in 3 hours or constantly replay it feeling down on all your decisions you made in which case you can easily spend 30 hours with the game.

- Story 9/10. A viking mythical story (what did you expect???)  Detailed and diverse. A good start for a trilogy. All my problem was it ended when I felt I was in halfway. Part II is up at least!
- Characters 9/10. With most of them you don't spend much time. 20 characters to play with and a few other NPC who joins you.  Everyone is a person out there, even if Hakon often wants to beat up the human prince Ludin all the time.
- Design: World design: 12/10 Jawdropping and characters: 8/10 (technology's limit) hand drawn animation's limits...
- Replay value: 6/10 I just said...

Banner Saga II? 
Not so soon but I wil. 
Tuesday to Satruday. That means I can only upload at Saturday afternoon. Late. And it might include pen drawings. I will bring pen drawings.

So facebook has laughable GOT quizs. Care to play mine? Answer in notes and include if you have book or film information!

Aemon Thargerryen died at the age:
1 - as an infant (head smashed to wall)
2 - Is alive
3 - Over a 100!
4 - teenage (burned alive)

How many sons (total) did Robert Baratheon have?

- 2
- 15
- 13
- 3

How many forts are there on the wall (both ruins and repaired)

- 13
- 21
- 19
- 16

How many people died atop the icy wall when the wildlings attacked?

0 - No one was harmed
0 - The only one died by falling
1 - The one the giant shot down
Quite a few

By the will of Tywinn Lannister Cercei was planned to marry...

- Oberyn Martell
- the swan knight Loras Tyrell
- Quentin Martell
- Randyll Tarly

How many of the Starks could have enter someone's mind, have wolf dreams or such magic? (Benjen Stark/Coldhands does not count)

1 - Jon
2 - Jon and Arya
2 - Jon and Rickon 
4 - That includes Sansa

Which of these have magical powers in GOT?
- Wise masters (the oooold ones)
- Priests of the harpy
- Priests of the 7
- Priests of the drowned man

- Castle is between 2 forks of a river on a small island
- castle is on a hill below the neck
- "fort" is north from the wall
- citadell is 2 days of walk from Casterly Rock

As a priest of rhollor with all secrets your collegues know you can (multiple answers correct)
1- Conjure a ladder and walk up on it (wtf???)
2- Bring people back to life... except after 3 days like with Stoneheart
3- Bring people back to life... while body is intact
4- Cure grayscale
5- Camouflage 1 man as another by looks and voice

Which is true: Beyond the wall there are... 
- Saber cats or like
- Giant spiders
- Still some giants left
- Dire wolves
- Mammoths

Send me a note!
I have a freind I recently met on Facebook who can create 1 out of plastic for you. So if you want to have a phisical copy, I can arrange it!

Also if you want to find out, when you scroll down on an image and see the right column it showcases the attributes like camera/scanner stats. 


Camera Data

Make          Canon
Model         Canon MP230 series
Software     Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows"
I used to visit everyone one by one.

Now the website says it is a spam - after the 35rd message. Well, 49 brought me some luck now...

Hope it will last :)
Before playing DS III, I wanted to play I and II (and realized want to play Starwars Battlefront 3 more)

So finally, after lvl 111 I got rid of the Lord of Cinder and NG1 autostarted. Found myself on same lvl with all of my stuff with base mobs a lot stronger (still easy to kill) . I do not think it is normal, guys, because I had Gwyn's Lord soul with me XD So if I kept it, and go NG2, would I have 2 from it?

If I let's say collect 10... and light all 10 together. Just imagine the effect to the story...
Without watching it....

- Avengers I: 1 bad guy (Loki) can almost outwit 7 heros++
- Avengers Ultron: 1 bad guy (robot) can outwit 7+ heroes (unless time paradoxon)
- Civil war: 1 bad guy (forgot his name) can outwit 11+ heroes.