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Weponry 358 by Random223 Weponry 358 by Random223
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More to know at…  If you commission, have an example of a background by reading this below. To understand my magic items read about the gwinns… my sotry.

Half sketch swords.... and MS paint swords! (4000 pixel wide)

----A seggbeszúrt sárkány

Bjoford was a "knight". A sotryteller or worse. One of his great deeds was telling poor-innocent people how the dragon tasted his twohander from the back that it came out in it's throat (guess where he stabbed it then). His words gave wings to an artist and a carpet was sewn iconizing the glorious act. A few years later this sword was found in a collecor's disposal (in a robbery) and was the only one left behind (even the furniture was moved). The band of thiewes earned the name: Seggbeszúrt Sárkány with that act for their misfortune. It was sold. Later a small boy realized that the sword teaches dance steps while his feet moved as fast as a steeds and stabbed a bald merchant in the... from six meters. That is for underestimating a Snake Strike Blade.


Gwinns use the "grey snot" as Equint describes it and form it into shapes. This handle summons a snot and form it into a sword while applying Darkred Glow Form over it. It is particularly a simple magic blade from a hilt that is not attached to the other part. The blade grows out from nothing and that makes it able to kill by just "turning it on". The craftsman had more skills in decoration than to do a real edge or a crystal edge to this baby. So basically it is just that simple. Worths a bit in gold or in silk.
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These are brilliant!
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