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Weaponry9 by Random223 Weaponry9 by Random223
Sketch is almost 2 weeks old when digested in PS

Not for the game I'm helping with. I used to draw weapons alot. My englissh vocab was full of them and I cannot find any more! Sad.

A common longsword costs 3 gold pieces - for compliment, a decent longsword in middle ages cost about 1 willage or a bit more! So do not get cocky.

- Ugly Hand: It is (was) a hand of a something I do not know what the hell it is. Probably that. Greaters effect of fire-based spells. Give it to you for 50 gold
- Golden chopper: Bought it from a palladin for 12 gold pieces. Altough it looks like that it cannot do any extra and is ewen heawy as doo.
- Stone hammer. 2 gold. It is robost and heawy. How to handle it? Carefully, or else the spike will itch your hand. Kinda self-demaging weapon. Expensive? Say that to the dwarf used to wield it!
- Looong spike: Do not remember who gave(?) it to me. That was a short business I think. More like a 2handed dager. Some magic it has, so cannot afford less than 7 gold pieces.
- Thing: Not know what this is, but some kind of ritual staff. That black crystal might have something in it. Give it to you for 1 gold.. no, 30 gold pieces! Yes, that is the price, hah.

"Don't want to buy? Browsing? Get lost! Don't make the other customers wait..."

//I'm not a good merchant//
Du-Da Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010  Student General Artist
hey happy to see you here at :iconweapondesigners:...
loving your works as always...
enlito Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
when I read the first description, I couldn't stops laughing...

Well... actually, I don't know what thing the hand would belong to,too
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July 14, 2009
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