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Weaponry sketch 8 by Random223 Weaponry sketch 8 by Random223
Made a time ago in my notes while having englissh speaking course in summer.
Not for the game I'm helping with, original weapons they are.

Original size is less than 50*70mm and contains 3 swords. As you can guess, that is a simple doubling.

A normal longsword would cost 3 gold pieces. Here are the prices:

- Elwen dager: top. 30cm or 14 inch long including the hilt. Sharp it is but only used to cut down flowers as fast as possible. That way it does not hurt that mutch. You know, plants have feelings too. Maybe can slice an orc too. 12 gold pieces, since it is a collector's material.
- Element Freeze: 90cm long with hilt. A long sword. Special ability to freeze water and earth spells when collide. Deflects ice spells and slightly vulnerable to fire. Unlikely it cannot freeze water and the blade is not cold. Sounds like ice when colliding. 124 gold at least. It was my pride to defeat that dark elf...
- Element slice: 90 cm long, twin blade of EF. Can cut materialized spells (such as ice bolt, rock blast) and magically weak items with ease. Gently glows from the inside when dark. 100 gold pieces, 1 silver for it. And +1 copper.
- The Green Bubble axe: Wierd ogre magic is growing inside the weapon making unable for you to realize what it is. The weapon does not seem to have any special abilities leaving you wandering why the heck these bubbles come out all over. 5 gold pieces for it. I suggest you should buy it, maybe someone will offer a bigger summ for it.

If you like any of these, tell me!
DarkTailss Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hah, I like that Plague Axe, nothing scares the crap out of your enemies like a weapon that's bubbling with nasty stuff
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July 12, 2009
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