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Weaponry set 69 - swords by Random223 Weaponry set 69 - swords by Random223

I'm in something else now for someone so 70 may delay.

Can download;

A blade cost around 3 gold in middle ages or in Fantasy worlds. I'm counting 50 gold for a +1 enchantment. Prices are folowing:

- Spirit: Aids astral and mental deffence for owner that is three times stronger when holding in hand. The blade endures elemental attacks and can repel bolts (fire, energy) Basicly decreses strength of attacks by 3 that can be tripled. 90cm blade 3kg and 60gold pieces. This one is my own creation.

- Achangel blade. Two handed but weights mutch. You know angels are raally strong... As big as a human being. Enhances healing spells by two times and halves the cost and casting duration of healing type and resurrecting spells. Auto "enables to cast the folowing: cure light/moderate wounds, recuperate, regenerata" This means that the user will be able to use these at least with 20 sp or with a 4th level priest's skills. Auto adds 10 spellpoints and 3 spell slots:)
You guys don't beleive but I made this staff from archangels' wings and will so it is not for sale. Unless you prove me you have a pure heart at least won't give it to you!

- The Golden Blade: It has 3 enchantments. First it increases staff's weight whatever it hits to like it was made from gold (19kg for every dm3 that is 2,5x of steel), repairs badly made equipment and turns them to good quality. And finally aids 4 gold pieces in every day to it's user's pocket.
The blade is about human size and weights like dooo - since made from gold - and has really bad combat abilitys. But won't give it to you for less than a hole 1000... no, 2000 gold pieces!

- Nature's will: It is a knife that is blooming. Heals wonuds by speeding up natural regeneration (+5 saving throw), cures poison. Owner of the blade must be pure hearted for nature and if so, the item decreases aging (above 18) by half. The wielder also can communicate with plants. This is yust a copy. The real one is sent to a druid friend of mine. But in case you want another one tell me! Ah... 200 gold please:)
Moondrisa Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2010
sweet lookin swords. love your weapon designs
jamese397 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Loving this set
RikuTsumi Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2009
I havn't a clue what you're saying in your description but the swords look awesome ^^
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December 4, 2009
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