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Weaponry 543 by Random223 Weaponry 543 by Random223
FOR SALE 11$ each

I used to do artist's comment. Now I leave that to you. Tell me what you feel right or wront.
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Kierryn Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Top sword looks amazing. Looks like it would be wielded by someone who is a follower of Dark Arts, perhaps one who wanted to be a Necromancer but lacked the magical adaptation, so he was stuck with a Dark Magic infused blade to satiate him. Must be fed  on the soul essence of other humans to maintain it's sharp edge. Capable of piercing even greater miracles used to protect the unworthy

Is there necromancers in your world? Also where could I read about it haha, theres some amazing things you say but I want to read more
Random223 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2017  Hobbyist Interface Designer
From Ragizori's living/grey world, you can read while browsing my swords and characters. My novels are in hungarian. I could email them and you could try a translator. Probably.

Some stuff are on Ragizori, some not. I wanted to ban dragons, fire, lightning magic, the concept of lightning by all means, the christian term of good, evil with it's "creature concepts" and magics altogether. That includes necromancy. It isn't worth it.  Ragizori's "living crust" has a color and grey world, which exist the same place as the other. The grey is the foundation, and the living is where you "live". The latter for the creatures that were "never born" or spirits and things that died. There are lots of methods to trespass and retain consciousness and every normal function your "body" had with your spirit body. Or you can create fake body(s) to dwell in. Or even alter the other world with practiques. The living world is also a construct of some ancients who came from another existance (planet) - one few from which I rendered for some races' origins - and found it really bleak and hostile. So... they did some plane-shifting magic to experience Ragizori as they would experience every other planet and to distance themselwes from local fauna. Their fake bodies turned "living" latter and their original bodies turned into mere souls and their original souls... well, something deeper:)

Ragizori is like you have Earth's surface in 2 worlds - grey and color. You have like Proxima Centauri as next world. To get there you have to go to the grey and open a portal to the outer crust. It is an orb surrounding Ragizori and it is habitable fully in the inside (imagine Earth was pervaded by caverns and was fully habitable below. Lots of space) Imagine it like diving in a green-moss forest in a cavern.  It has 28 realms, Ragizori is the hidden one. The 28 envelopes it like a fort. Wierd creatures and wierd shit lives out there. Beyond that are the dream worlds - periferia and then a jump to the next planet's preiferia - a shorter route. Inside Ragizroi there is an inner crust, that is as small as Mars and is habitable in the inside. it is another fortress and it protects the silk cocoon that have the ancients in the inside. Or it is said....
Kierryn Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll give a go at translating them using google, or hopefully something a little better, it'll be worth trying to read anyway, I think I'll get the general gist of things while I'm going through it, anything that doesn't make sense because of translation I think I could piece together. If not I could ask you about it for clarification haha

So it's like a Hollow Earth surrounded by a habitable sphere? Sounds very interesting :) I'm keen to go through it, I'll have to read some more descriptions on your pictures as well to help give me better idea
Random223 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I need an email adress for that

There is a "foamy" "water" with dream worlds of different size. And there is an excess materia unreachable. This is the periferia and is about the size of... I don't know :) If Middle Earth sent an army to invade Ragizori, it would meet these worlds. Or... walk through them to pop up on the other side. Ragizori is not present. Ragizori's "green star" cannot be seen, nor it's lands.
With the right guide along a god's ability or the skill to pervade the dream realms, one can plane shift into the crust, which consists of the very same material of the above. It is distributed differently. Like what is a human being in the inner side, might be dispersed in a mile in the outer plane. Imagine you can decode the realms above to get to the 28 realms, what are called the outer fortress... and other excess materia out there
Ragizori's dual (trial) plane is decoded between them. Or the 29th. It starts to get messy. The visitor arrives in the grey world and has to endure... a hell lot untill he/she/it is lifted to the living world. The Ghil's protection is as effective as the other 28 realms don't want to invade. The Ragizori is on the outside from a normal view, but it is truely a Dyson Sphere of a planet size (don't worry, my suns are 2D objects... or are they?)
The Inner crust exists.... somehow... it has been penetrated 4 times from the outside and I cannot guess the mechanism how it is rendered inside.
And there supposed to be the Silk Coccoon as the Black Scale myths say. 

All this to ward off the gods - as you know gods, and other gods - as I depict them. 
Marayina Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This swords are amazing!
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