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Weaponry 355 by Random223 Weaponry 355 by Random223
RESERVED FOR :iconkk1031: and Cross Brave - developed by Wayfare.Co.,Ltd.

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Can commission me…  If you commission, have an example of a background by reading this below. To understand my magic items read about the gwinns… my sotry.

Half sketch swords.... and MS paint swords! (4000 pixel wide)


How about freezing fire? No not again! But this thing has four hydra heads! Solid flames
that burn aren't a big deal, son, they are only to show your magic skill, you could have
cast a flame aura! But I can restore the blade by melting it and attack all unded and
whatsoever. Same with regular fire aura, kid. Beat it, you spent triple time with this
crap. But it glows red and is transparent! And you can sheath it. Yes and I can cancel my
fire aura on my sword you see. Can your sword freeze all fire around and make them blast
solid fire shards all over? No, but it is still crap. You have one more chance to prove me
that it isn't. Well, you see it can create floating blades and shields from neutral flames
around me. That is not fascinating at all. I know...

---------------Yraish blue sword

The eastern "republics" of Labric in rival with the awwakeners and tehir enemys, haron
kingdoms serving under Sacon like to make their steel give a fading blueish light. It has
no LOTR orc feeling to it, it is a misinterpreted Yra knowledge used in a nicer way.
Copying black swords that cannot be tracked were these blue blades created that can blur
themselwes and probably the arm of the wielder, even become fully transparent and are also
untrackable. They love to use double from these. What is interesting that it has nothing to
do with magic. Then what?


From newbie tales up to ancient legends, every story says about a certain gwinn character
who got hurt and had to spend days under a tree for a day or more to recover from their
wounds. At these times times magical ellixirs, priests were useless, every attempt to bring
back the sick went to waste. The gwinn needs to contact a tree trough roots and thus the
recovery process will grow back all wounds. Each wound recovers separately, but recovers. A
beating's marks heal in a day, open wounds need a few more, bones broken a week and cut off
limbs in a few months. In such cases a previously made green sword attached to the aura of
the wounded will wind up the process. Why is it a sword? The sword is made out of roots, so
if you push it deep innto the ground it will grow underground and you can attach to it. But
why a sharp thing? Because the wielder intended to seed her opponents. Since the root magic
has certain range, using more than two swords to recover has no extra benefit.

----------------- Szárnyas kard

Deigoz Deirthil decided to take part in a war that did not concern mortal races. After his
country was trashed (he was able to deffend his city) by the outcast creatures (living in
outer and inner shells of Labric), he put up a unit to take up arms against them. Swords
and spears like these were forged to penetrate natural arrmour and to endure the blows. A
few hundred were made. In ten years the army set up to retaliate and planeshifted. It went
out dizasterously, since Deigoz was a rumil knight and the city was defended by the
blackskin. The creatures considered their first attack as a warning, but now they siezed
war and raged across the hole continent. Deigoz did not live long enough to see that his
city survived. A few dozen of these weapons returned.
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infinityfractals Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
so cool
JWright-3D-Graphics Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Student General Artist
loving Jégtűz
BenedictMysterius Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
for some reason I think I'd prefer to see the last one in battle, on receiving end, and on the offensive, it just looks.... good, hard to come up with a exquisite(yay colorful language) to describe how beautiful the blade is.
WhiteWolffie Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
Coooooool. @.@
silverfang200 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
I like these swords.
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