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Weaponry 354 by Random223 Weaponry 354 by Random223

Can commission me…  If you commission, have an example of a background by reading this below. To understand my magic items read about the gwinns… my sotry.

Half sketch swords.... and MS paint swords!

----------------Sword to Xenior

Xenior's close disciplines in their second lives grow massive scales and turn into
crocodile-like creatures that are yellow like sand. They have an upper center of gravity
and are incredibly agile but not cold-blooded. This is their reward: a second life after
death and a resurrection: more service. They still manage to talk but have to transform
back (and quickly equip clothes!!!) to live an everyday life beside that. Still they have
dark sand scales.
The hilt is made from their skin, the blade from their bones after they are defeated. They
are kinda blueish. There are two misterys. Fist: how can they merge the bones such way?
Second: from which culture did they learn to shape a sword like that? And also a side
mistery: how come they forgot to learn how to use it?

----------------------A felső héjból

The Wri (blackskin) do take travels to the outer layers of Labric to face wars that their
ancients were fighting against things other mortals don't (except the disciples of Enhir
and the greyskin) know about. With guidance of the long-dead ancestors they slay things
that seem to be pretty powerfull and aquire spells to bring the solid-grey material (bones
and ore) back to the surface and see what it can do. The blade is steel that has some kind
of ore imbued into it, the crosspiece are made from a THING's forehead bone, the glowing
hilt was a thorn similar to any horns that unicorns have in girlish dreams and it is hard
to say where the pommel comes from. Significant knowledge was handled to slay the beasts
and to find out if the ore can strenghten the blade and the hole thing was left as a trophy
after they found out that the hole thing is useless. The blackskin cannot conduct thorrow
researches because it is boring. But slay everything to get probably useless materials and
so they supply the black market with delicious... things. The name of the swords says it
came from the upper layer of the world nothing more.

----------------Helbard dedicated to Enhir.

Afrer thousands of years those devoted still beliive the bird shape of Enhir, a rumil giirl
once lived but still around them. A standard portal trough the grey world into the faded
realms  where Enhir can only be a guest, the magic yields for help and a single sould will
come to aid the wielder. While practicing, the edges become dull, while in combat, the
spirit seeks the opportunity. This spirit wasn't a warrior, a devoted and probably hasn't
been in Enhir's service at all, but seeks the opportunity because no matter if it is
dispersed or the spell wears off, it wiill penetrate our world and live again. It won't be
enslaved by any of the gods, thus it is saved.
On tthe lower edge, a ship is depicted with a syren. There are no such living creatures on
Labric, but the creator must have seen one in a summon as his demigoddes's servant.
This blessed object resists harm, is a bit lighter (-5 to any special movement's hardnesss,
+ 5 deffence and offence, +1 demage)


Haron helbard. At labric, the speartree cannot be found, the flexible, durable resource to
create the perfect tool of war are beyond pockets. As expensive, that even magical items
hurt your pocket less. Bones. Bones of certain animals are used to create the new haron
common weapon, shatakari, (large rodent), virskari (insect of a human size, vegeterian) are
used. Harons know a way to use noble materials to increase magic effects, shaping with
spear form and do massive demage easily. Thiis carved spear is covered in thin silvery
layer. As an uncommon find, this weapon shows glass form (solid, semi-transparent hard
magic blade) that afloats in fromt of the edges and a firey back. It is not real fire
magic, it is floating, but dancing like fire. The back of the spear is used when the
warrior wants to aim and shoot shards. Integrated shards can do half demage than the one in
contact with the caster (because the demage is added to the spear's demage). The summoned
shards have phisical resistance against forces. The owner called it beast for some reason
without a reason,

---------------------------- Insalaith helbard

A demigod of some sort, Insalaith met the haron just after gained trust with another ghil
race that are called Living Stars. To be precise, their mediocre servants without their
master. Since that one of their kind terrorized Labric for over five millenia, Insalaith's
inuman disciples are not wellcomed. So as his human disciplines. That is why he came
familiar with harons on an entirely different planet and his priests and devoted opened up
their heart slowly. At the world of Labric real stars don't behave like our own, but living
stars do. Except for that they don't burst at such a high temperature, but are more like
cold fusion of which people know nothing about. What we see around the blade are similar to
cold fusion gases entrapped with some kind of magnetic rezonance field. It is the natural
lifeform of the living stars, they entrust the harons with it but the latter ones - as I
already said - have no clue about what it is. The spear has two modes. At first it restores
1 inner or 5intermediat spellpoints in every turn - which is insane! - or it can be used to
give a +4d6 demage aura - which is also insane. However to use it, the wielder needs to
cast the Holy Glow blessing from Insalaith.

-------------------------Traditional Haron spear

Made from spearwood, a kind of tree that closes it's canopy when rain drops to form tiny
cones and drink up the water. It looks similar to spears that way. The spear is only one
and a half centimeter wide in diameter, ignores fire. It even tends to "wake up from the
dead" if it is watered and may grow leaves after it has been manufactured. Haron spears are
really fast to move and tend to aim precisely as the warrior may wield two of them. The
spear is seven and a half feet long, the head is about one eight of it's lenght. It is
tough. It's heartwood is as touth as you need several chops from a great axe to do some
demage to it. It just kicks back. So it does not matter if you stab or chop with it, it
endures, almost magical. But - it gives a real pain to masters - the wood simply eats up
magic over a week, even engraved magic signs loose their power. Under magical detection the
true spearwood haron spear does not glow, since it is not special at all. It is a wonder
they don't make bows out of spearwood.
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