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Weaponry 352 by Random223 Weaponry 352 by Random223

Can commission me…  If you commission, have an example of a background by reading this below. To understand my magic items read about the gwinns in… my sotry.

Half sketch swords.... and MS paint swords!

Antarian humans love swords. Really. Falling in love with a blade that has no benediction in it is a simple mania. A sword is justice, strength, a symbol of a class and the most trustworthy friiend. Yra militia does not belive anything else and spend much on forging steel and soldiers having no girls in their arms spend much on decorating their long arms. The smiths als try to create various types of these swords both in shape and size. It is common that someone spends more time polishing them than honing the skills to wield them.


The smith had a great idea: let's craft the hilt to resemble a woman's torso and an even greater one: let's craft 3 hilts together. Each is perpendicular to the axis of the sword, but not offer any extra protection. But seems to look nice - or so it was tought. The blade is also jagged - for no special reason. Maybe to disarm, but most likely to look extremely cool or to show the smith's skills. If someonee is to collect wierd swords, this one would make a special place in his collection, because it seems just too fresh out of the foundry to be ever used. Maybe because the inspecting officer noticed the extravagance and ordered the poor soldier to wield something usable.

-------------------------Szürke Köd

The gwinn describes their magic handwork as grey snot, since without further shaping or forming it looks like a cloud of snot just floating there. Just by looking at this blade it will rize suspicon, however without a helpful mind knowing intermediate casting you cannot reveal the secret that it is incorporal. Like a cloud of gas. The sword (hilt) connects to your aura and will render the corporality of the blade under your command. The channge from dust cloud to hard steel and back takes a blink or less, being while the sword will pass trough thin objects such as other blades. The process costs  phisical movement points and 10 magical points for every kilogramm of any weapon (10 for this sword). But in return the opponent looses the deffence stats of his sword and for an unsuspecting target (first encounter) grants the bonuses of surprise attack also halving movement costs of precision strikes. Szürke Köd cannot pass trough a shield or an arm protector or a helmet or flesh. It cannot deal demage while being incorporal to living beings. During that time it can cut incorporal spirits. If the weapon should materialize trough shield it bounces back like rubber and takes a solid form after regaining it's original shape. Destroyed parts of the blade return in gas and rematerialize. The sword has -1 to demage, -10 to movement cost(!!!) and +10 to attack and deffence.

------------------------Etel Segíts 

As priests encapsule the spirit shards their gods or demigods entrust them, palladins put these shards into their swords. This is a bastard sword made by rumil hands. Niorn twohanders are more flexible, thinner and longer, but rumil and human hand belives in heavy strikes, not precision. Altough the tip was indeed sharpened, the weight of the sword makes it impossible to use that advantage properly. It is hard to describe what materia covers the hilt, what is the origin of that reddish bone that decorates the crossbar. The blade itself is covered by a glitteringy silver material that is only used to show the palladin's rank namely: Outer cascade. The officer handling this sword had his duty to manage distress among not rumil or human, but niorn and other races in the outer city districts.

----will be back with the desc. for the other 2!
LeloniBunny Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
So much style here.  You've done an awesome job.  I'm jealous.
Jacob-Cross Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014
Cool :D
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