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Weaponry 351 by Random223 Weaponry 351 by Random223
RESERVED FOR :iconkk1031: and Cross Brave - developed by Wayfare.Co.,Ltd.

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Can commission me…  If you commission, have an example of a background by reading this below. To understand my magic items read about the gwinns in… my sotry.

---------Feje sze rándul

The helbard Delgith was lost in time as the first niorn masters' descendents were wiped out from the Turquise empire - along with the empire itself. A few thousand years Later the demigoddes Enhir decided to repopulate the land and to vipe out the greyskin. As the greyskin reuse every metal for it's value the invaders found tha ancient helbard's head attached to this branch. Yeah, for a weapon, that was used by Delgith who cut down twohundred heads with it. Tough story!

-----------Angrin helbard

When a weapon of any sort gets the scale of the demigod Angrin, it turns black and forms scales all over as the wielder develops in knowledge and in spirit. The pupil will decide later how he or she needs to use the power bestowed upon. Inside (stats increase) or outside (demage). This one was chosen to be shaprer. The weapon itself exists inside the priest's body, in the inner space. The phisical form is an active summon that can be left at any place or be destroyed, will return into dust in a minute and cannot harm and will rematerialize in 40 movement points.

----------A ronda bárd

When the haron warrior, Hiklatr decided to keep his axe at any rate - instead to exchange it to a sharper, nicer looking and more durable one, the wizard instantly realized why the cour..zan's lap remained dormant the last night. This guy was in love with his own axe. So it did not surprise him that the guy wanted magic to be pushed into this rotting... whatever. Hiklatr wanted something big, fearful that glows like an antarian wizard's butt when kicked. Something that is shown his enemys would know the smell of death, and would make him unmatched. Unfortunately the the wizard spoke a language (hungarian) where unmatched also meant someone who hasn't found a mate, a solo guy. So began the story of the stinking axe that brought tears and the smell of death. Uuuugh!!!! After Hiklatr's death the guy reclaimed it as a ghost and his first action was to prove that he can drink in the local pub as one. The wizard had to refine the looks of this poleaxe to fit the ghost later. 
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