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Weaponry 349 by Random223 Weaponry 349 by Random223
FOR SALE! /For gaming corporations!

Can commission me…  If you commission, have an example of a background by reading this below. To understand my magic items read about the gwinns in… my sotry.

:iconbenedictmysterius: asked for a few items and the remaining 3 are here. Unfortunately my friend gave me single line descriptions and I will boost that. I will ask him to write like 6 times more next time (or link story if not wants to spoil)

Spear and claymore were made with MS Paint. I was bored and that helps a lot! It also matters that I cannot make mistakes.

for the dragon knight: a spear able to puncture the scales of his foes

for the black knight: a clay-more that reflects the dark of his armor

and the red knight a pair of dual long swords to cut down outnumbering forces"

My version:

And Angrin the demigod formed a human body to place a part of his self into it and fought on two feet and grew black scales like dragons would and wore them as armour, but talked as a human. And Angrin gave his soulshards to his disciplines and asked them to etch them into their weapons so that they would change to perfection and become indestructible. And these items became thus the centers of these priests' casting abilitys. But these are non magical.


One of the few black skin creatures' spears. It was wielded by a girl about 5 feet tall, had dipping, palm-size ears, black skin (just imagine a black Yoda a bit taller but even in agility!) with cruel black eyes. Tail was wielded by Elg Zei and it's both ends claimed many victories, altough less death. It was famous for the four feet long leaps forward and right back and spread discourage.


Niorn greatsword from a beliver, but a slightly different art. Black, but red because somehow it glew inside. The blades upposed to erect gas to camouflage it's movement. Helps a bit. Besides that it is a light, really light and precise tool of killing, altough it has no special name. His first wielder was Zeng Beidirit.

----Folytott hajnal-----

The hilt is made from glass and captured the dawn on the shore. The blade is steel (which is rare counting these items) but the crossbar is made from that special spirit shard element. It is a twin sword. 
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Mewnna-Caythin Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Folytott hajnal is my favorite so far
VicariouslyGaming Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Lovely work man! A few words of advise: 
1. The sword is nice but the colors are a bit off to me; green and red just don't play well. Of course that's my personal opinion, but perhaps consider the use of opposing colors in your color pallet. 
2. Consider texture more, particularly in the hilt of the sword. It looks like you just used a brush pattern and repeated it over it's self. While this is an effective technique for this kind of thing, it seems a little lacking for a commission. I think if you were more attentive with shading it would look more realistic. I would say reference pictures would be a great resource for that.  
3. The weapons themselves seem very lacking in discernable detail. There is a lot going on with each weapon, but I cannot tell what the texture is of the spear shaft or what it's point really looks like or is bad of; it's just very colorful. Details look better than chaos. Again, references.  
4. You can also consider creating different looks for the hilt, like a braided leather cover. ConceptCookie has a fantastic tutorial on that :)
5.  On the third sword, the grip looks too lacking. I know it is glass, but it would need more grip, to avoid becoming difficult to handle when the wielders hand became wet from sweat or blood hehe. 
6, Last comment, the blade of the third weapon looks REALLY shiny, the the point of not looking flat. It looks more like glass than steel. Most blades, even new ones, are not that clean. 

I hope I wasn't too harsh or forward critiquing your work; I've had my soul ripped out in critiques in school a lot, so I sometimes critique and get backlash because i forget that some people haven't been subjected to that before. I know these are not meant to be extremely detailed and theyre fantasy weapons, but even sci-fi weapons look better if they allude to realistic objects. (Also detail in MS paint is pretty hard so I could see why you would pull back a bit) ^.^ Please feel free to explain of counter anything I said if you feel that anything i mentioned is misunderstanding the design. Otherwise these really look great, the concepts are great and unique as hell, and I just like what you came up with based off the very vague details you were given haha. The fact that you did these in MS Paint is astonishing, I'd love to see what you could do if you got into 3D modeling. If you ever wanted to try, Blender is free and BlenderCookie has tons of tutorials to help you get the hang of it if you were interested. I read your last journal entry, don't get discouraged! You have wonderful work, I know you'll de great stuff with it. I kind of gave a harsh critique because I feel like you could take critique and really use it and improve, you seem to have the kind of drive capable of that. I've never spoken too you as a watcher (I actually follow your work through the updates in a group your in) but I thought Id say hello and offer advise and make it known that you still have dedicated watchers who wanna see your work! Keep it up man, you're designs are so unique, you just need the right person to see em :) I know itll happen 

p.s. sorry, I talk a lot. my bad ~^.^~
Random223 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Only first 2 was MS paint (the clouds were not) Added that with PS. 

The thing is that I only have 2 tools: filigrane design and copypasing of design parts which is altogether few.
Besides that I have few idea how to do things and from a certain point I leave them be for that reason. It is not ok.
Third: I'm trying to guess what I made and make a backup story after because it is convinient.

Feel free to write as much as you want and mention if I missed a point you told me before.
VicariouslyGaming Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
That all makes sense, you do phenomenal work with the few tools you had at your disposal. And now thats fine to do I think, I just feel that artists having outside opinions is a great way to see your work differently and evolve and such, so I always try to offer those opinions even if what I suggest isn't doable at the time. Sometimes it's just stuff to keep in mind, not things that should be changed before the work is good. Work is always great, but it can always be better too! (at least that's my philosophy.)  
And yea I do the same with a lot of stuff. I almost never start with a backstory because it usually changes or I won't like it as much as something I think up during the art process. I'm particularly bad at brand names for weapons and that kind of thing. Eh, I'm sure that'll get easier with experience though. Everything usually does ^.^
BenedictMysterius Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
look awesome, keep up your work ( also thank you for taking the time to do this :D)

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