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Weaponry 338 by Random223 Weaponry 338 by Random223
RESERVED!           for Dan Verssen Games

Can follow :icondanverssen: at He ordered weapons, armour and accessories this is the first stack. Will take a while:) Description is strictly to this piece.

Can commission me…  If you commission, have an example of a background by reading this below. To understand my magic items read about the gwinns in… my sotry.

Greyskin axes. Those guys are like 2,4m tall, fierce. If you Read Narrow Hope 2 you know why I say these were made by adventurers.

---Három Szem
The axe has an eye on the head. A spirit is trapped there, the priests trapped it to serve the mortals and let it escape the avatars of hostile deitys. Since they have 3 gods and 2 demigods, this includes themselwes!
The spirit is no help in a fight but can give quite a lot information on background and staff, since it died along a great war against Etel's country. It can get quite boring since talks a lot since has no body and is being attached to a wretched axe for a thousand years now. And it is quite annoying, since if you can only speak to the owner and have to watch all crap being made in front of your eyes you'd certainly get mad!

----Bazi Nagy Balta.
It had a crescent blade but since the owner used it to chop wood (besides cutting torsos half!) it broke pretty fast. Besides the second owner got it from the first with a much faster axe in his sleep who was a pretty bad smith. So as the second owner who forgot to notice the cracks. The thrid owner made a second back edge to the blade and completed it to a two-head axe. The fourth owner cutted the other head down since it was as slow as he defeated the previous owner with haste. The fifth owner had a bow and kept this axe to make others fear him. The next owner forged an iron shaft that the next owner used to make a pair of this humongous axe who's head was blown up by a blackskin who left it there and this goes on...

---/ Velcurtis/ Antarian helbard
From a race/culture which use swords it is rare. This one goes for a loner who was accused of spying. It was on planet Yra, and the poor thing indeed came to free the populy. Bringing a helbard was thus a mistake. Velkurtis then dealed with two dozen guards and was slain by wizards and an investigation started putting the liberation process back six decades.  Well, only on the surface:)
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Fantastic details.
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