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Weaponry 337 by Random223 Weaponry 337 by Random223
RESERVED!           for Dan Verssen Games

Can follow :icondanverssen: at He ordered weapons, armour and accessories this is the first stack. Will take a while:) From now on no special magic but rough steel!

Can commission me…  If you commission, have an example of a background by reading this below. To understand my magic items read about the gwinns in… my sotry.

Dan will decie if he adopts my background altough let me show you....


Latin version of Solar Flare. For a change, this staff was not made the world Labric, but on the planet of Dera. Dera has three moons, fragments of a satellite that was once a hole and they cycle at different speed. The staff tries to convey two of the moon's magic to the caster and also the magic of Omio. That is a crazy dancing star over Labric that wanders by it's own will stealing all colors from the world where it ventures. The idea indeed came from a snitch (race of mine)
Omio's power can take effect in a 30m radius. Besides stealing colors, causes a total moral loss maybe shocking people.
The first moon's power is to render spells solid and capturing it for a later use, it does not matter if those are yours or someone other's. It only matters when you bring them out!
The second moon's power is to make magic power burn and not literally. Anyone controlling magic or having controlled a spell will get hurt depending on the power of the spell.


"Hope dies the last". A priest of Sacon made this special glaive so that hope might survive. The demigods' servants often channel their magical powers to each other with Sacon's help. This provides the one in the greatest need get the sufficient amount of power to cast again and priests far from the battleground can supply their comrads efficiently!
The glaives called Remény vere given to the best of a squad (so many of them could appear on the field!) and during battle if a soldier was rendered unable to fight, cited the words lending his unused stamina, will and power to one of his friend near the one holding the glaive. This technique leaves the soldier unconscious but saved the best man and woman countless times.

/----Watering the flowers---/

It is a spear. After Enhir's empire was founded the best of the gwinn casters were collected to let other races study their magic. Or let their ideals form some kind of magic. They ruined it of course.  The giwnn never cared. Enhir's schools tought inner shaping (how to alter your spells' properties to copy real materials). Humans call this water magic because they aren't smart enough.
The spear can store a tonn of water (from spells or river) and distribute it. The young ladies who are trying to figure out it's magic are to water the flowers with it. Also the spear is called Water and they nick the girls flowers and the order has many-many more significant magical items than this one. The last reason is that the maker's magic is connected to the spear and the water lady which you can talk to is the avatar of her.
The spear's one end is sharp, so you can stab people with it. The metal is as light as water so don't be afraid. This one can distribute water. The other one absorbs it and can form an icy spear to slay magical creatures. Be alert the water becomes as sharp as steel! The students have to study how these changes are possibly made and have the hole tonn of water to practice.
xchainlinkx Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Such incredible designs! Awesome job!
jamese397 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice!
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