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Weaponry 330 by Random223 Weaponry 330 by Random223

I could regard this a sketch - compared to the previous dozen.

If you'd like to commission me, go to… to see my commission rules, or request any of my existing weapons for a fee between 10 and 20$

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These swords were put together from various materials with many painkilling, so they are magical by themselves and no special Enchantment was needed. Background story inspired by Nightwish Wishmaster album. World: my own.

The Empire of the Azure Gem slowly crumbles by the greyskin. The country is broken into half and finally the Gem's remaining stand starts to flee trough the mountains. The young and the best are to survive while mediorcre warriors and lower casters remain at the last forts to cover tracks and keep up the enemy.
The wielder was called Addira, a gwinn warrior (gwinns have less talent in swords), and it was forged from family relics. Hilt from white marble (too stiff), Enhir's magic infused with rare haron steel turned into red and some magic that turned the blade like glass in a process that sustained gwinn magic. In his wielder's hands it was absolutely weightless and Addira widened that effect up on his self. For one rare of a talent, he could transfer talents and skills from his teammates and learned quickly this way. In the end he turned out a hell of a fighter, like he had only learned to fence in his entire life. Some are sure he survived the menace and never was slain, since his sword was found with the refugies a decade later after they left.

/----Two for tragedy----/
A face of a huge feline is carved from some sort of special wood. Gaviton tree was called after the Gaviton family whom gave child after every member of them mated and gave birth under a certain tree. Every time in their extasy their soul reached out to find materials for the new life it breath in the tree.
There were 4 of the twins, but only 2 survived childhood. Four swords were made and 2 were destroyed. The brothers fell separately as the remainings of the Gem Nation broke into halves and both of them stayed to protect to fall in front of the gates.

The  reincarnation of Táncos made the Yellow blade. His wish? Let nothing stay between them... This is also a love-made sword, however we are currently talking about a hilt and a crossguard. Who the hell would make both out of the beloverd's hair. Particularly someone who wanted to enchant the venes into a sword to make it alive. The hair in the hilt attaches to the wielder's blood venes and instantly formes a blade out of the will. The core is a spell that sustains an amount of magic energy into a blade that the wielder lends (so it returns after usage). It cannot be reshaped, but the sword heavily regenerates spellpower to the caster sometimes trough hostile spells.
But mostly the wielder chooses to have it's other benefit. The sword speeds up the wielder's sensation of time (bullet time), whereas he/she can become insanely fast. The fact that the blade is weightless is only a slight addition.
The one lady had pitch black (straight) hair and people are wondering how come this hilt is generally yellow. The same reason a previous was red: the wielder's original aura changes with the will.
The best question is where and when the sword was made... 

Antras master has seen a lot of Enhir drawings showing a bird and they were red. So he tried to find bird feathers and glass (some reasons swords related to Enhir end up made from glass) and found red tint in blood and Enhir appeared in his dreams saying "You misunderstand me deeply". So he finished the work and threw it out the window (4th floor). The blade landed on a local noble who was warned about the falling weapon and looked up to have it almost chop his face down. Turned out the fella' was not a good guy.
A latter wielder stabbed the sword trough a table and slayed a thief lurking beneath it
The sword also saved a soldier's life by cutting his sword half when his comrad charged at him in anger. The latter guy then had an affair with ruffians and turned to run instead of fighting and thus was saved.
A kid was saved at an assult to the throne room because the owner left this sword and he returned it to him and thus escaped the massacre.
The sword was given to newcommer soldiers in Enhir's service after screwing up badly.
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kalibslime Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
Dude, could you make a weapon for me? :O Though I have no money ;~;
Random223 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
That is a free commission.

As such, your item is made and you have to wait for the que and the work shall be for sale for private or gaming.

I will ask the porpouse of the item, the general description and the story of the item if you have any. I afford links as help.

If you wish to purchase the item later, you will send your email adress then.
IllEatYourself Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The two middle ones are AWESOME.
HornedMiriael Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
hah I have this at home=P (Razz) 
Rantret Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
IBlackcrossI Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Professional General Artist
Nice Swords! 
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