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December 14, 2012
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Weaponry 260 by Random223 Weaponry 260 by Random223
The items are for sale. 10$ each. Same as commissioning me.

Spell fencer blackblade.

Praspz'kir ore is forged into the upper one. It is a material that can solidify the fabric of magic in an area if appears in massive tonns making spellforging impossible. As durable (and flexible) as granit and does not mix with steel to make a sword. And it is not the actual blade the spell fencer uses. Inside the sword, the magics turn the caster's magic resources into the actual form of magic helping him form a second blade solid as steel, growing like a tree and yet flexible... more like agile as your hand. praspz'kir is only used to let the blade become more accurately direct raw magic force.
Spell fencers only learn as much magic as they need to maintain these blades and mostly use they magic to get rid of a knight's shield and get trough the armor's joints to have a clear stab. Besides that, solid forming has other possibilitys to use...


A pretty interesting name for this blade. Angrin, a former monster, halfgod became the student of the Black Skin (check former uploads for codex). Instructing the way they taught him to it's disciples, priests and giving each a pair of blade similar to kanton butterfly knife: [link] (see pictures in lower part)

To get in close and deal with opponent as quick as possible.

Spell fencers often try to use the style of the double knives.
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uh this is NICE!! nice design and nice done!
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Those are gorgeus swords!
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cool designs
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