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Weaponry 244 by Random223 Weaponry 244 by Random223

---------Random223 Lightsaber

If you need a reliable lightsaber, have this one. Not makes the sharpest but reliable for dozens of years even in extreme temperature, even while smashed by rocks and one actually turned out working after "badly" fixed being cutten in half by another saber.

----------Strange pike.

Strange stabbing device. A tech thingy, light sharp and you batter attach a blaster to it to make it effective. More like a design item than a real helbard.

----------Big blade1

One of many heawy-looking shieldblades. Shieldblades are "swords" that you can protect yourself from bullets by putting them down on the tip turning it to protect you and turn yourselwes to the side. It is as big as a human.
You can shop with it but your fencing skills will suck and if someone makes you block with this staff and simultanously blast your d.... off with a lazer pistol you get used not to use things like this. I got used to solving big bladed guys' problems with a grenade:)

-------------Energy greatsword

Between a greatsword and a lightsaber. Pretty light and designy but that is all. Blade is solidified energy - mostly. Big robot knights use these things with energy shield (it works as a long sword for them) but can be equipped by any human since the weight. Any explosive reagent takes effect if "blocked" by the blade so that is a weak spot.
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IllEatYourself Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
THESE. LOOK. AWESOME. Completely original, and none of them look even slightly organic. I LOVE IT. And that blue sword just looks awesome. That lightsaber thing does to, but the hilt, despite looking awesome, would be a bit uncomfortable to hold and probably awkward to hold as well, and now that I think about it, the blue sword seems to have a rather THIN hilt (that thing looks about as thick as a chopstick). The halberd also seems rather impractical on the larger end, but it still looks awesome. I'd have to say the one between the halberd and the blue sword looks the most low-tech, although not that I get a better look at it, the hilt could probably make it a pretty good sword (it doesn't look that uncomfortable, and it even looks like it could be used to hold the sword differently than any other sword I've ever seen!), but all of these just look awesome.
Armameteus Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012   Writer
I really like stylized weaponry, even if it's a little on the odd or unrealistic side, just because it looks cool. I think that's the point of sci-fi and fantasy weapons, to showcase how magic or high-technology could give the ability to make stylish looking weapons that are also surprisingly useful.

The halberd is my personal favorite. I like the sharp edges and complex style. Plus I have an affinity for pole-arms. =P
Random223 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Appretiate the comment!
KrishnaDrago Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist
looks pretty kool man :D
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