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January 4, 2013
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Bez nazwy 263 by Random223 Bez nazwy 263 by Random223
"New image 263" Started it at Jászberény. I'm working with Photoshop 7. Not CS 7, 7.0 Witch is a dozen years old now.

For sale! 1 item 10$, note me.


Name means Need. Gwinn design. That means more to design, less to handling. The original blade, as Zita Teni'th ensured it will never left her inner dimension, she always fought with a light lance embedded with the abilitys of the blade's copy (used the lance spell that inherited the attack and demage bonuses of the blade).
Made out of steel, gold, velvet, spearwood, nothing special. Besides the gold I earned, a book about the adventures of the blade he-he!

- Törvény

Niorn changer weapon. Partially a whip (right end) and partially becoming a sword (left end), being while materialized as a bow (a hole), in this form able to hold the magic string spell. Then you can summon the arrows! The fourth state, a 3m (10feet) pole is hidden. The item can handle all states partially at once in a free mix, so you can grab with the whip after hitting then turning a half into a bow, firing an arow that instant. Can shrunk to half to it's size that fits the sword.
Niorn fighters are used to cast little magic, shoot arows and take out the rest with anything they have. Not used to full armored knights, so if they cannot shoot them down, wielder is doomed. Fighters are used to agile combat at places where armies cannot gather and distance from opponents change quickly.
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These are fantastic! =)
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