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Weaponry 544
"This is the part when you fall down and bleed to death!" - Tes4 Oblivion

FOR SALE 11$ apiece. Or commission for your own. 

6th Sun
Second star Omio ----- SOLD
Blade of Grass

Ragizori's First Sun is called the Green Sun, under it's law, the flora grows green. The ghil deeply hiding inside brought 4 bastard suns and the grey, Omio to life. An era passed as 2 of the four were slain and the last 2 finally faded. Omio, the bleak turned everything grey and lifeless when it came up on the horizon and no earthy law could bend it's course as it pervaded the skies as an aimless wanderer. Then the Ghil sent 2 dozen smaller suns, 150 feet high humans in solar orb aura, the Dai'rith to conquer the eastern and central continents. The first group was said to be destroyed, the latter managed to survive. The last managed to grow many fold and sat atop of a mountain, as it's ancient elder once did in the world where the rumil "humans" came from. On that old world, the kind of the Dai'rith were lords, but Ragizori's laws were more strict. Nature and the older realms of Ragizori, the outer crust decided that the 6th sun, that shone as heavily as it's rays penetrated the worlds and effected the outer crusts', should also fade.

The second Omio star had a shorter life. The greyscales tried to resurface the older with the souls of their own warriors and then ride down the Lead Sea. Not all of their gods agreed to perform this ritual. Omio the second "lived" for thirty days. Fragrants of it's "soul" were shattered and thrown into the outer crust to dissolve. They... did not know well how to handle it.

- 6th Sun

The Dai'rith enslaved humans and all kinds of mere, then turned them into their people. Some traces of solar flares with keen practice could emerge from rage, anquish or hope and steel had to be forged to endure the heat of the sunslaves' grip. The stone is petrefied blood, the "guard" with the solar spikes are traces of that aura of flare, the grip's outer layer is hardened with special kind of coal, or something that looks the same, yet not blazes. The sword might shine up in proper hands and what supposed to be steel can become a whip of yellow-glowing fire. This one is made for a human of 6 feet size, but the elder slaves grew taller when they got converted, and 11 feet tall floating sunslaves also had similar... swords. Don't ever point the blade at someone you don't want to vaporize!

- Second star Omio

Ekzenior is a lord beyond the world of color and grey (living and dead), between the crust and the dreamwolds that pervade these realms, a kingdom(?) that's land does not bend over like a sphere as Earth and Ragizori does, but end in darkness and routes leading outwards. Omio's soulshards became what their names told "shards". Shards then were forged into blades, and Omio's intent now greyens the magic and fundaments holding these swords together turning anything into ash. The tiny souls light up as they try to connect this magic and fade. The old Omio's orbit, a memory furfaces as shown in that ring, spiderwebs of no magical charge emerge and Ekzenior's blue tinted aura covers to struggle this ash blade. Do not, I repeat, do not try bringing these works into the living or grey world. 

- Blade of grass

A narrow piece of metallic fiber grows an aura of glass, strong as steel itself. It's living self is straight, it's spirit in the grey bends like grass, it cuts anything wih that invisible spirit in the near. Here, the crysfals of the hilt and guard are nothing more than connections, fake connections to the living world. For those, who know the tricks and trinkets of the other, there is no surprise, for those, who don't, they would cut down their own hands. Paying attention does not equal being safe with this sword.

- Omikro

Omio's soulshards became what their names told "shards" in the outer crust. Shards then were forged into blades, but not out there, some were brought back to this world and I do not wish to tell by whom. 
And some shards were forged into living spells. A sword of interesting light, that makes no actual light, yet erazes all shadows on sight. Al second thoughts that are not seen or felt, told banish. The connection between the body and the essence becomes painful. The power of magic does not want to be brought forward. Thoughts kept in iron, feelings might pass, a gwinn's hold over materia cares none for such boundaries of will and thought...
Monster 36
I got lazy coloring. I should do the scales properly - individually perhaps?

Or return to the creatures half tree-half flesh and even rocky +magical for a change. The old concept never gets old. 
50 Shades Of The Dark Side Take 2
I don't know anything about that movie - except the author loves twillight. My simpathy for everybody who was dragged into it, or into the parody.

You can judbe me by my drudge. Just remember, there are good books on my shelves (Now and Forever, Whistle, Red and Black, Les Miserables...)

Share this on Facebook, download it, show it to your friends, for they must share the pain of laughter.
Good day of everyone out there who has someone, better luck for us, singles for next time...

This Thursday-Sunday I will be on Kung Fu Camp, It won't be a Friday upload. I kinda could do a Wednesday upload if I finish the swords. Your opinion?
It is just a bit annoying.

I like to submit my works to every group I join. I do 3 at a day. It is a drill I do and I have like 1000 deviations, most of them are numbered (weaponry 1 to 530). So when I join the group I start uploading from the latest and moving back. With a group, I just started, with another, I'm like half through my gallery, with the last one, I'm submitting my 2010 works etc. It takes a lot of time.

Since 3 weeks ago I could see the deviations' names under them displayed in the submit window. Now I can't. Luckily I have done this drill with 40 groups or so, so I know my gallery inside out. Luckily. 

When I submit to a group, the window does not show the "page" I'm on, I cannot jump to the end until I browse way back one by one to the end. Then it suddenly shows the pages (around 42 I think) It takes a lot of time.

I would like this feature to be fixed.


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Good day of everyone out there who has someone, better luck for us, singles for next time...

This Thursday-Sunday I will be on Kung Fu Camp, It won't be a Friday upload. I kinda could do a Wednesday upload if I finish the swords. Your opinion?


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