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Standing stone    nature's tresspassers by Random223
Standing stone nature's tresspassers
Pen sketch: 20 minutes 
PS: 6 hours - and I have lot to learn. Making cleaner sketches to ease my work at least!

First came the joungle and then came the monsters around - find all 4 of them! Then the adventurers, and stone and forest behind. Being while.

Being while I played Starwars Battlefront III - probably Turning point as Random223DA 

What to notice?
- The 4 monsters.
- The magician with floating scrolls
- Lady with really long sword
- Secret passage inside (blocked by slate)
Monster 14 Finished by Random223
Monster 14 Finished
Pen drawing: 20 mins. PS: 3 hour.

I was about to make a glider. That is for the future. Now I have another beastlord! I think it looks EPIC!

Beastlords are creatures from the 1st to third nest of the greater entitys dwelling on the living or the grey world. Their destiny is to battle each other and the mortal realms. Beastlords are ruling over a territory and from a hundred to thousand followers. These can be lesser beasts or people. The older they are the more powerful the minions they can create.

They can also teach you their own maigc. Some self-morphing spells and to mix yourself with it's minions' abilitys. And sometimes more. They are willing teachers but you can't go far. They can't teach you over tier 3. 

Beast lords are usually of this size and have lots of power but few knowledge (no one to learn from) and are hunted by each other and other religions. You will have a bounty on your head. Sacon, Huu'r, Cs'amog and Angrin are not beast lords, they are demigods....
Weaponry 477 by Random223
Weaponry 477

Fagyálló - 11$
Vágy - 12$
Értelen Kristály - 11$
Üvegkard - 12$
Végzet - 12

Now we have Vira swords. Check the map… It is on the south-central part around the bay leading west. 
"awakened swords" are designed for short precog terms. The awakened learn to fight with a sword and have that precog sense - a complicated sense that can only work against a single foe. It might only predict 2 seconds into the future while the "wizard" has one eye on the precognition and the other at the actual battle. These swords are made to ease their burden on their mind.
Unlike the black blades these don't camouflage themselves against mortal eyes. Tose were only handed to the true awakened remembering back more than 4 lifetime.

Fagyálló (intermediate casting tier 2, power: 20)

This one is an exception. A 6000 year old sword that was used against Sacon. The demigod was quite a disturbing fellow understanding their enemy. A snowstorm or dust storm dedicated just to camouflage his warriors nullified the precog senses of the awakened wizards. These weapons were reforged to counter the effect and give back the precious edge. Sacon just delivered a bit more powerfull storms. 

Vágy (intermediate casting tier 2, power: 44)

A team buff blade meant to give a morale boost by each swing. It is said to work with blood. Stupid idea. The blade does split skin and bone easily but it is the vielder's wrath that is distributed among the follovers. It is a huge drawback when you have to return, but othervise let's make victory a sure thing. The best was that a unit of 500 had around 100 of these. 

Értelen kristály (greyworld knowledge tier 4, power: 10)

The awakened dag deep into the grey world and a lot of interesting materials surfaced. A few of the blades started growing crystals on them for no particular reason. A lifeform that is - feeding off the real world while also being in connection with the grey. Growing really slowly. The crystals are sturdy, yet the whole composition adds nothing special to the sword.

Üvegkard (grey knowledge, tier 3, power: 53)

The gwinn and the vira awakened also know a lot of tricks to change a material into another. Glass can have a finer edge than any sword honed for a decade. Make it thinner and it might break. Unless you create a magical source that keeps it flexible. The source are the crystals (similar to the one above). The handle is a grey metal make. The vibration of the blade is also held by magic, because without it it would shake out of your hand. It was poorly crafted. It still cannot chop off metal though, but it weights 1 tenth of any other blade.

Végzet (WTF??? tier 7, power: 90)

The hilt is real, the crossguard is real, the magic - I mean the glowing thingy is real and you have some kind of power that knits all that enegy into that silver blade. It does not seem to glow red hot. It does not need to. That red thing is harin. Harin is a conduit between the color and the grey world and it is shit active. So the blade is a blade form of all that energy. Stabilized. You need someone who sees into this crap and can handle it. An awakened of the old or a gwinn with artifact control. 

Would love to read your comments!
Monster 15 Finished by Random223
Monster 15 Finished
About 10 minute pen and 150 min PS

Highly motivated by Nightwish Wishmaster -
"Hamster... A dentist
Hard p.rn
Seventh seagull
Warrior... this rifle
In me
The fish monster!

4m in lenght dwelling in murky water upriver this thing hunts and grabs whatever it finds. It's claws easily tear nets (if it's weight wasn't enough) or grab the boat, rock it and sweep fisherfolk into the water. 

Iiiiit does not really look like a fish.
Lab-grown meat by Random223
Lab-grown meat
Futurism is a neat page, I read what they post on Facebook. They haven't made progress in the matter but in case it becomes an issue I collected my taughts and would like to read yours.

Just finished a book about Krisna's followers. For curiosity. Even if they would not consider this as meat...  no... definitely not. 


Soós Máté Gergő
Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
Current Residence: is in a galaxy far-far away
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large
Operating System: The Matrix
Skin of choice: Dragon scales - black
Favourite cartoon character: guess who is she!
Fast production weapons or painted from sketch? Also dragons and characters are here to stay. For practice as a start. Not much views they get. 
Also uploading all kind of sketches. Arts not recieving 55+ views in 24 hour are deleted. Unless they have a lot of favs.


Fast production example (it is obviously faster!) and realistic
 Weaponry 473  by Random223
Pen sketch colored. (Trying not to repeat the theme here)
Weaponry 465 old ways2 copy by Random223
Also found out that you don't like spears, axe, mace as much. No idea why.

So sketches: I should do quality over quantity.
And you will probably have 1-2 colored buildings. Soon. Or not. Depends on tomorrow.

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