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Will find what you search by Random223
Will find what you search
It was I think 2011 when I had no other thing to do than watch a workmate of mine playing internet games. And do other staff. 

Like entrusting me the heritage behind the chemtrail. 

Before you think I make fun of people who believe in such staff, read on.

It was before the lizardman came and in due time after Farenheit911 and just between with the amount of the pinch of that salt I took it. So the guy was (is) a facebook crusader and a racist. Somehow both of his collegues in his post were racists. And it seems most of these guys are.

I actually detest these people being guided blindfolded while thinking their eyes are open.
Weaponry 386 by Random223
Weaponry 386
RESERVED FOR :iconkk1031: and Cross Brave - developed by Wayfare.Co.,Ltd. Names and story 
only for me and you!

Website at

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The number of "-" tells you how powerful the item is!

-------Soul pull out

Soulhook or Soul shackle for Fr'kith. The greyskin bow before this god that simbolyzes havoc from underground. Necromancy? If it gets into the fitting hand, of course! To it's original meaning, it is an assasin's tool that supposed to chain the soul of the target to the dagger and bring it back to be sacreficed. By sacrefice, examine as they call an etity that brings back the chained soul to the god to be dispersed into millions of particles. The target can resist after death of course...


Some people believe in mosters in Ragizori. I mean they believe if they serve them they get something back. All half-divine entitys know how to remove a part from themselwes and implant it. Stab this thing into you to grow an armor-thick skin that still lets you move pretty freely (but has several weak points by the joints). It is not heavy. Only one problem: opening the eye in the grey world will show this dagger as a beacon and drag any kind of hostile creatures (starting with rival beasts, evil and holy priests, warriors and many many more staff) so, yeah, it is cool. 

------------Egy ami mindent visz

The black skin developed a method to create weapons that can cut magic, steel and artifacts. The gwinn tried to copy. By most of the means they succeeded except for the controll and camouflage. The dagger disrupts the surrounding 30cm area's magic presence. But if the wielder can apply this effect to his/her spells, then big things will start to fall apart. It happened... not once.

--Bezárt erő

Niorn casters use stored magic. There are ways to store power in reusable gems - which is really easy. Now they do the same with daggers with less success. These are not so... simmetric.
Weaponry 388 by Random223
Weaponry 388
RESERVED FOR :iconkk1031: and Cross Brave - developed by Wayfare.Co.,Ltd. Names and story 
only for me and you!

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The number of "-" tells you how powerful the item is!

--Erdei tőr

Gwinn dagger desingned for trivial decoration matters and crafted for healing. Really... Gwinn cannot recover from wounds the natural way or with normal magic or lifeforce implant. Except copying magic. They have to grow roots to the surrounding lifeforces and stay dormant while the plants in the chosen area - preferably a tree - uses it's forces to grow back the gwinn. Depending on the size of the tree, it can be quite fast. An Erdei tőr or rooting dagger gives a chance to the gwinn to target an additional. 

---- Csonkító

So black skin tend to hunt for wild creatures in Ragizori's inner crust. And sometimes they find interesting veins of metal to craft a trophy. Or they play Skyrim and harvest the local beasts and experiment. Preferably when they return injured are are really-really bored. Monsters in the outer crust are indeed yummy, they have a single task to keep the divine armies from entering Ragizori. The creatures in the inner have the role to safaguard the ghil inside the deepest dimension. 
Weaponry 387 by Random223
Weaponry 387
RESERVED FOR :iconkk1031: and Cross Brave - developed by Wayfare.Co.,Ltd. Names and story 
only for me and you!

Website at

Commission info at:…

The number of "-" tells you how powerful the item is!

- Gwinn daggers.

For all. Gwinns are out of every kind of society that can call itself a kingdom. Their nomad lifeform sticks with wandering from village to village to do magic staff and poke their nose into everybody's business. Altering the properties of whatever they touch - till an extent will make any of them a goldsmith or artist in no time. Formint stone as clay, then carving out a perfect statue while correctint flaws and errors - maybe after a mistake is committed and it broke makes their works beyond value. And everything else underrated. This brings serious measures in laws forbidding them to take money, use magic of any kind, own land and lots of things. Even defending themselwes in a conflict.

When gwinn cast, they use their "hands". They touch magic, like you touch clay. Just they copy the reality. Be sharp like glass, endure like steel, shape of a dagger... This makes a tool of murder a compound of a spell to be shaped deadly. And also makes gwinn collect lots of stuff. 
Weaponry 385 by Random223
Weaponry 385
RESERVED FOR :iconkk1031: and Cross Brave - developed by Wayfare.Co.,Ltd. Names and story
only for me and you!

Website at is under construction, estimated release: October the

Commission info at:…

The number of "-" tells you how powerful the item is!
Ragizori (black sky) created by the ghil who live in the "silk cocoon" inside the inner
crust that is isnide the Ragizori, that is inside the outer crust and that is inside the
"outskirts" or Outer web. Materials such as gold, platinum, and anything "noble" can only
be found in the inner crust.

---- Chrome

Chrome dagger. Light, durable and has a really fine edge. Black skin craftmanship, it is
not designed to cut metal, it was designed to penetrate unnatural armor such as the
creatures grow in the inner and outer crust. Like cutting bread.


White gold dagger. Inside the blade a 3 dimensional "enchantment", channels of magic that
uniforms the wielder's powers. It supports the whip spear form which lets the spellpower to
take the shape of a spear that grows and pulls back as fast as a snake several times as
long as the spell is maintained.

- Niorn daggers (only one)

Niorns put apart and fix mechanical daggers like this blindfolded. They also have sand
veins as blood and are immune to most poisons. These daggers have separate edge fragments.
Pushing that button while it is in the fresh wound it will leave the top fragment in the
flesh that will release the solid poison. As a weakness a single blow is enough to be
broken into pieces. It is also really easy to camouflage this staff.

--- Gyanta

One of the few transplant lifeforce daggers around Labric. Despite it is used by Enhir's
disciples, it is quite necromantic. The dagger sucks out lifeforce (the will to live) from
the target first stabbed and gives it to the second person. The Strong Hand units ara made
out of the supporters who give spellpower via low budget portals to the Far hand who are in
the pinch. Also they might hurt themselwes and give these small aid daggers (especially if
there is a romance involved) to save lives when mostly needed.

- Hurok

The greyskin also craft daggers. Their curved huroks are primitive sickles which have no
intent to kill. Also it is a símbol. When your enemy in the open battlefield pulls out
this, you can bet he/she is not about to pull you out of your misery but will try to take
care of your wounds. This tradition is only used when the patient cannot move and the
greyskin don't go back on their traditions. An opponent that cannot stand is not an
opponent, why killing it?

---------------------Égi Csapás

The dagger is a portal to the realm of Paer. An encapsuled short escape through the outer
crust and webs out there. If the god can protect it, it will boost a single round of energy
to the wielder in a rapidly growing hole in the sky 300m above the target. It opens in
twenty seconds (which is ridiculously fast contrary to the main spell!!!!!) and through the
portal, paer's fist (a beam of light) crushes downwards in a 10m diameter. It usually digs
40-70m below the ground and obliterates most of the scenery.



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Egy ideig angolul írtam, most inkább nem próbálom meg. Szókincs megvan, a nyelvtan kevés, de a kifejezés és a sajátos ízvilág.... egyáltalán nem érzem... Mondanivaló persze van.

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Ishitara Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
Hello! As you know I watch you since a long time. You are also the artist the most favorited in my collection.
I just wanted to tell you that I think your art is better day after day. Your talent, and also your imagination, are amazing.
Random223 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Thanks. Not every day I receive messages like this:)
Ishitara Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
You know that I'm a long time admirator my dear! =)
Continue in that way!
calcol28 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for having awesome art! :D
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your weapons are amazing!!!
NothingThanks Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so many weapons
thanks allot now im drooling over my key board
Unkn0wnfear Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, I give in. I've been avoiding asking you this for about 6 years now.
Everytime I do any sort of search for weapons, I see dozens of your works come up, so I am very familiar with your style.
And I just have to ask.

You clearly know how to draw. You clearly have some imaginative ideas and a good knowledge of weaponry.
So Why... why do you persist to color ALL of your weapons like someone threw a bucket of rainbow colored speckled
paint on them? It's like you design these weapons, some meh, some decent, some nice and some great, and then as soon as you're done, you color them like a crazy chicken hurled all over them. why? Your weapons would be so much better if you colored them normally. It's impossible for me to look past the crazy coloring. Thats why over the many years I haven't Favorited any of your work. Whats you're reasoning behind your coloring methodology? Have you ever colored anything normally? Sorry if this sounds mean. As I said before, You definitely can draw, thats not in debate. I just don't get why you ruin your work with these weird color schemes.
Random223 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Because I still need to learn. Thank you and understood. 
Unkn0wnfear Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh O_o.

Well, i'm glad your work is so popular on deviant art. That must make you feel pretty good.
I wish I could draw. Would sure make things a lot easier.

best of luck on your journey!
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